3 College Prospects That Are 2024 Draft Targets For Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder have two first rounders in the 2024 NBA Draft via the Houston Rockets (top four protected) and Utah Jazz (top ten protected). Based on their records and trajectories, the Thunder will likely be selecting in the mid to late lottery, although the ping pong balls could throw a changeup. Which prospects from that range would be impactful additions to Oklahoma City in both the short and long-term? 
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Oklahoma City Snags A Sharpshooter With Rebounding Chops

Another target for Oklahoma City during the draft is Johnny Furphy. Over his past 10 games, Furphy has averaged roughly 13 points and 7 rebounds while shooting 42 percent from deep. Opponents cannot sag off of him in the slightest due to his quick release, but Furphy also punishes overzealous defenders through timely cuts. Few players across college basketball are more difficult to cover in transition than him at the moment. The 6’9” Kansas wing possesses tantalizing positional size too, along with the athleticism to hang with NBA players. 

Now, he does not offer much value as an off-the-dribble scorer, and Furphy thrives more as a stationary shooter than motion shooter. These negatives limit his ceiling; however, his skills will entrench him in an NBA rotation for the next decade. 

Not only will Furphy’s outside shooting and transition finishing enhance Oklahoma City’s offense, but he aids their rebounding woes. That’s a massive added bonus for a Thunder team that ranks 29th in opponent offensive rebound rate.