3 Dream trade deadline targets for the Thunder (and what they'd cost)

These are the biggest targets for the Thunder at the trade deadline.
Mikal Bridges, Oklahoma City Thunder
Mikal Bridges, Oklahoma City Thunder / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Mikal Bridges

Another dazzling offensive talent, Mikal Bridges has seen his opportunity open up in a major way since being traded to the Brooklyn Nets last February. The skilled wing was a productive player in the Phoenix Suns' rotation from the time he was drafted in 2018 up until heading to Brooklyn at last year's trade deadline.

With Kevin Durant arriving in Phoenix, dealing Mikal was the obvious move for the Suns. As a result of becoming one of the primary offensive options for the Nets the day he arrived in town, Bridges went on a scoring tear, putting up an average of 26.1 points in his 27 games with Brooklyn last season.

The Thunder already have one of the most lethal young scorers in the league in Jalen Williams, so putting someone like Mikal Bridges next to him in the lineup would be a total cheat code. OKC would likely have to give up a decent haul to acquire him.

Some reports have indicated that teams have called the Nets and offered "five first-round picks" for Bridges, but these claims certainly seem skeptical. However, if any team has the draft capital to put together such a massive package, it is the Thunder.