3 Superstars the Oklahoma City Thunder could trade for this summer

Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat
Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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No. 2: Zion Williamson

Setting aside his very real injury history, Zion Williamson is positively breathtaking when he is on the court. He handles the ball like a point guard but with the body of a linebacker and charges into the lane like a freight train. Get between Zion and the rim at your own risk.

The issue with building a team around a player like Williamson is that he is a point forward who doesn't capably defend centers nor space the court. In New Orleans that problem is compounded by a small forward who is a suspect off-ball shooter in Brandon Ingram, a shooting guard who doesn't shoot in Herbert Jones, and a center who doesn't shot in Jonas Valnciunas (and isn't an elite rim protector either).

Enter the Oklahoma City Thunder and a pair of frontcourt players whose fit absolutely sings as if it were ready-made for Zion Williamson. Chet Holmgren spaces the floor but also is one of the league's best rim protectors already as a rookie. Jalen Williams is an elite shooter who defenses cannot afford to leave open on the perimeter.

Williamson doesn't have the positional length that Sam Presti generally looks for, but he does have a unique positional body and would offer a very different element to Oklahoma CIty's offense. Could they really roll the dice on a player with his injury history? That would be a difficult call to make, but the fit is tantalizing.