3 Trade targets the OKC Thunder should contact the Detroit Pistons about

Three Pistons OKC Should target
Oklahoma City Thunder v Detroit Pistons
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Welcoming back an old friend

When the Thunder and Mike Muscala parted ways, it always felt like the door was left open for a potential reunion between the two sides, maybe now is the time for it to happen. The Pistons recently added Muscala in a trade to bring in a veteran presence, but could the Thunder swipe him away?

Like Wiseman, Muscala is also on an expiring deal, and this time of year expiring contracts are highly coveted around the league. Therefore, Muscala could garner interest from multiple playoff teams looking to fortify their roster ahead of the trade deadline.

The Trade:

Oklahoma City receives Mike Muscala, in exchange for Aleksej Pokusevski, a 2025 second round pick, and a 2028 second round pick.

This deal provides value for both sides, as Troy Weaver adds a young prospect who could possibly benefit from a change of scenery and a conference swap. Weaver could see the upside in adding Poku for a player the Pistons are unlikely to re-sign this off-season.

While the Thunder would add additional shooting and a familiar veteran presence. Muscala could help bolster OKC's bench, which currently ranks 15th in points per game, they score roughly 33 points each night.

Muscala enjoyed being with the Thunder, OKC dealt him to the Celtics so he could be on a contending team, it's time he departs the worst team and returns to another contender.