5 Thunder players most likely to be traded before the deadline

Josh Giddey, Oklahoma City Thunder
Josh Giddey, Oklahoma City Thunder / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages
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The NBA Trade Deadline is drawing close at astonishing speeds. After weeks of rumors, speculation, reports and whispers, on Thursday, February 8th at 2:00 PM CT the lines will go dead and all trades will cease until the end of the season.

That's all of the time that the Oklahoma City Thunder have to negotiate with their 29 fellow teams to find a deal that will add to their chances of winning this season. The Thunder are certainly playing well with the team that they have; they aren't trying to fix something that is broken, even if they do have at least one weakness.

More so, the Thunder have played so well that it's worth giving up a sliver of future value to improve their chances of winning this year. They are a bona fide contender and it is worth pushing some chips in.

Which players on the team as the most likely to be traded? Here are the five Thunder players most likely to be traded by next week's deadline

No. 5: Aleksej Pokusevski

The great gangly savior, Aleksej Pokusevski was in many ways the start of their rebuild, the player drafted to kick things off. The Serbian big man was as raw as they come when he was drafted with the 17th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, all long limbs and potential without any of the polish of a player who actually played basketball.

The Thunder drafted him in the hopes of developing the next Giannis Antetokounmpo, and while Poku has shown some exciting flashes and has an impressive skill-level given his height and build, things have not come together for him here in his fourth season. He has played just 48 minutes all season and is a wall flower when he does get on the court. Whether it's as a throw-in or another team still sees a glimmer of potential, Poku has a great chance at being traded this year.

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