The 7 Greatest Thunder players in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

These players possess the highest Player Efficiency Ratings in Thunder franchise history.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

From the days when they were known as the Seattle SuperSonics until now, the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise has had many a talented player come through its doors. It has been 45 years since the team took home an NBA championship, but those odds are looking up recently.

One of the ways we can quantify just how good every player to have donned the Thunder uniform in their career is by using a stat called Player Efficiency Ranking, or PER. Developed by ESPN Columnist John Hollinger, this number is found by tallying up all the positive and negative statistical achievements by a player in their career and combining them into one tell-all number.

This number can tell us a good bit about where certain players matched up with their peers from an overall perspective. For reference, a PER of 15 indicates a league-average level player, with 20 being an All-Star level player and 25 or higher being MVP level. These seven Thunder players hold the highest PERs in team history.

7. Shawn Kemp - 20.8

One of the best players to ever play for the Seattle SuperSonics, Shawn Kemp earned five All-Star selections and three All-NBA team nominations during his time with the team. He was the leading scorer on the 1992-93 Sonics team that went to the Western Conference Finals and came a game away from facing Michael Jordan's Bulls in the NBA Finals.

6. Paul George - 20.9

A member of the Thunder for two seasons in 2017-18 and 2018-19, Paul George was expected to leave OKC after one year and join the Lakers. But he returned for a second season and dominated at both ends of the floor, earning his only career first-team All-NBA selection in the process. The PG years may have been somewhat forgettable for the Thunder, but George gave his all in his brief time with the organization.

5. Ray Allen - 21.8

The player who was widely regarded as the greatest shooter of all time before Stephen Curry came along, Ray Allen was one of the most prominent faces from the later days of the Seattle SuperSonics. Shooting over 40% from three in every season of his career, it is remarkable Ray is on this list with as often as he shot from outside.

4. Russell Westbrook - 23.7

He may not be the greatest player to ever play for OKC, as that honor belongs to Kevin Durant. But Russell Westbrook is unquestionably the greatest Thunder player of all time (and yes, there is a difference). He proved himself year after year as one of the most versatile offensive weapons in the history of the game, but his 2017 MVP after Durant left town forever cemented his legacy.

3. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - 23.7

The newest addition to this list, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander arrived with the Thunder in 2019 after being traded from the Clippers. It did not take long for his all-world scoring abilities to be realized. SGA has already been recognized with two All-Star appearances and a First Team All-NBA nod. He is currently on his way to averaging 30 points per game for the second consecutive season.

2. Enes Freedom - 24.1

Spending two and a half seasons with the Thunder from 2015 to 2017, Enes Freedom (known as Enes Kanter during his time in Oklahoma City) enjoyed some of the best years of his career in OKC. He was an excellent role player next to the likes of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, doing all the little things like screening and rebounding at a high level.

1. Kevin Durant - 25.0

The greatest player to ever play for the Thunder, Kevin Durant achieved nearly everything outside of winning a championship while in OKC. His 2014 regular season MVP and four scoring titles, along with six All-NBA teams are plenty of evidence to this.

PER generally works in favor of big men with how easily they can rack up efficient scoring numbers and rebounds. But for a player like KD, efficiency is the name of the game, and it is no wonder he is at the top of this list.