ESPN Insider shares OKC Thunder trade deadline plans that will split the fanbase

The OKC Thunder are off to a fantastic start to the NBA season, and the fanbase is split on the direction the team should take.
General manager Sam Presti says the team has \"consulted with three of the top foot specialists in
General manager Sam Presti says the team has \"consulted with three of the top foot specialists in / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

The Oklahoma City Thunder are a half-game back of the top seed in the Western Conference, sitting with a 25-11 record; the Bricktown boys have garnered a ton of big wins, like knocking off the Nuggets on the road twice, Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Clippers.

This rip-roaring start has featured Shai Gilgeous-Alexander looking like an MVP favorite, Chet Holmgren making a convincing case to be a rookie All-Star, and Jalen Williams's continuous improvement pushes the trifecta over the edge.

In the midst of these big wins, the OKC Thunder fanbase is growing divided on what direction the franchise should take at next month's NBA Trade Deadline. Should the Thunder go "all-in" or make moves on the margin, or standpat?

Since last year, the Oklahoma City Thunder have preached the importance of "finishing their breakfast," not rushing to make any moves in hast or without a plethora of data points.

The OKC Thunder plans have not changed despite a hot start, according to ESPN Insider.

As the Thunder continue to rack up wins, with the chance to knock off the lowly Blazers in a few hours to take over the top seed in the conference, ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that the plans for the franchise have not changed.

Wojnarowski revealed a lot about the Thunder's trade deadline plans, saying, "Oklahoma City’s gonna just keep letting this team (play). They may have the group here, they may not have to go outside this group to really get where they want to go."

It is important to remember this Thunder team has not played so much as a single playoff series together. Even with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Lu Dort having played in previous series, their roles and the environment are so different that it will be tough to translate those past experiences.

As the Oklahoma City Thunder continue to impress the NBA, I think the chances of them grabbing a flashy name on the trade market like a former All-Star or better caliber player, are extremely slim in-season.

However, Sam Presti, throughout his tenure, has always improved a competitive team during the season. Even last year, as the Thunder were trying to claw their way into the play-in tournament, Presti grabbed Dario Saric on the trade market, who served as a nice upgrade to their rotation.

I believe the Thunder will do something in a month's time, but they tend to get the same vibes as the biggest newsbreakers in the sport that the overall theme of this season will be a slow burn.

While it will not be a Lauri Markkanen-sized splash, a Kelly Olynyk cannon ball could do this young OKC Thunder squad a lot of good.

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