Grade the Trade: Thunder land The Finnisher in blockbuster summer proposal

Lauri Markkanen, Utah Jazz
Lauri Markkanen, Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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Laying out the trade

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a deep war chest of assets. They have amassed an average of three second-round picks and two first-round picks per season over the next seven years, in addition to a few young prospects who could be the centerpiece of a deal for a star. They can add a player to their core without trading any of their "big 3' of rising stars.

That player needs to therefore be someone who can fit well with those three players. In Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jalen Williams the Thunder have a pair of high-level shot creators, so any star that they add needs to thrive off-ball. Their identity is also built on having no weaknesses defensively, so targeting a small guard or a defensive turnstyle is out of the question.

That narrows the field significantly, but not entirely. One player currently blossoming into an All-Star player for the Utah Jazz seems to check every box and could potentially be available: Lauri Markkanen. Here is what a trade could look like:

Lauri to Thunder proposal

Danny Ainge and the Jazz are unlikely to move Markkanen for anything short of a king's ransom. Markkanen is in his prime, has expressed a willingness to stay in Utah and fits with any future players the Jazz draft, sign or trade for to build out their team.

This trade package, however, would seem to qualify as that can't-resist offer. The Jazz would get to buy low on Josh Giddey, who wouldn't be quite so far down the pecking order in Utah and could continue to develop. Cason Wallace is already proven as a high-level two-way rotation guard, while Ousmane Dieng is a decent flier. Now add three first-round picks on top and you get an offer that may just be enticing enough to make the Jazz think twice.

Their timeline seems to be a slower one, and if the Jazz decide to capitalize on Markkanen and fully bottom out next season in a stronger draft before rebounding up the standings, this is the type of deal that could get them there.

If the Jazz are on board, what do the Thunder say?