Game Grades: OKC Thunder defense takes over in win against Pelicans

The OKC Thunder defense leads the way for a massive win over the New Orleans Pelicans.
Oklahoma City Thunder v New Orleans Pelicans
Oklahoma City Thunder v New Orleans Pelicans / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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The Oklahoma City Thunder painted a defensive masterpiece for another blowout win.

In beating the New Orleans Pelicans 107-83, the Thunder’s defense stole the show by holding the Pelicans to their lowest total of the season in the game after they set the franchise record for points at 153. Much of that success came as the Thunder forced 20 turnovers.

The OKC Thunder continue rolling in New Orleans by winning their fifth straight.

In addition to forcing 20 turnovers, the Thunder did not allow any Pelican to score more than 14 points. Shooting just 39% overall and 25% from deep sunk the Pelicans hopes of a decent offense.

Although New Orleans missed Zion Williamson, Oklahoma City never let go of its lead after regaining it in the second quarter. After expanding their lead to nine going into halftime, Oklahoma City started to pull away in the third. Still, the Pelicans stayed within striking distance until the Thunder steadily took the lead past 20 late in the fourth quarter. 

In holding New Orleans to a season-low 83 points, Oklahoma City also managed to win the rebounding battle.

The Thunder will wrap up their road trip with a game against the Detroit Pistons, where they will be expected to extend the winning streak to six.