Oklahoma City Thunder 2024 Draft Analysis: Player Scouting Reports

Taking a deep dive into who the OKC Thunder snatched up in the 2024 NBA Draft, and what their impacts could be on the club moving forward.
2024 NBA Draft
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Pick No. 26) Dillon Jones, F, Weber State

Dillon Jones wasn't a green room invite for the draft, and most sites projected him to be a mid second-round pick, but the Thunder traded up to select him with the No. 26 pick, sending five future second-round picks spanning from 2025-2027 to New York in the deal.

Jones, a 6-foot-6 forward from Weber State, possesses remarkable strength and physicality that he utilizes effectively around the rim and on the glass. Despite only being a career 32 percent three-point shooter and being considered an average athlete, the 22-year-old is a proven scorer who excels in creating offense, particularly as a ball handler on the wing.

His ability to initiate offense and operate in pick-and-roll sets likely influenced OKC's interest.

Jones thrives off a slick and smooth handle for his size, allowing him to navigate screens and find his spots on the court. He showcases good vision, though his decision-making on passes can be inconsistent at times.

His scoring prowess inside the arc is evident, utilizing his size, strength, and craftiness to finish efficiently despite not being an above-the-rim player. His mid-range game is also a part of his offensive repertoire, though his shooting mechanics, especially from deep, can be awkward.

Defensively, Jones's strength translates well, making him a solid rebounder and capable of guarding multiple positions. His knack for steals highlights his defensive impact, although he can gamble too often sometimes, leading to defensive lapses.

His physical limitations, such as lateral quickness and footwork on closeouts, present challenges, but his high motor and intensity compensate in part. For OKC, the decision to trade future draft assets for Jones reflects their confidence in his ability to contribute immediately off the bench. His scoring versatility and defensive tenacity align well with the team's developmental plans, despite the gamble of trading multiple future picks.

Jones's potential to refine his shooting and defensive consistency could prove crucial in maximizing his role and impact at the NBA level, making him a promising addition to the Thunder's roster. All in all, Dillon Jones presents a blend of offensive skill and defensive versatility that justifies OKC's draft-day maneuver.

While the trade involved sacrificing future assets, the Weber State product will provide immediate potential as a scoring threat, tenacious rebounder, and defensive presence making him a valuable investment for the Thunder as they continue to build their roster for the future.