Oklahoma City Thunder 2024 Draft Analysis: Player Scouting Reports

Taking a deep dive into who the OKC Thunder snatched up in the 2024 NBA Draft, and what their impacts could be on the club moving forward.
2024 NBA Draft
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UDFA (Two-Way): Alex Ducas, G/F, Saint Mary's

Alex Ducas is a 6-foot-7 forward out of Saint Mary's College who brings a specialized skill set to the OKC Thunder as an undrafted free agent signing.

At 22 years old (yes there's a theme there), Ducas showcased his shooting prowess throughout his collegiate career, shooting an impressive 40.6 percent from beyond the arc on 7.1 attempts per game over five seasons.

His ability to knock down NBA-style threes is especially impressive, often hitting shots from pro range or with defenders closing out, which underscores his proficiency as a perimeter threat.

Of course, Ducas' offensive versatility extends beyond catch-and-shoot situations.

He demonstrated solid scoring ability off the dribble, connecting on 52 percent of his dribble jumpers and showing glimpses of creativity as a playmaker when attacking downhill. This offensive repertoire makes him a valuable asset, especially in today's NBA where floor spacing and shooting are highly prioritized.

Physically, Ducas possesses a robust 6-foot-10 wingspan and a sturdy 220-pound frame, enhancing his ability to compete physically at the professional level.

However, his mobility can be a limiting factor defensively, particularly against quicker opponents, and he may struggle to create off the dribble due to a lack of elite athleticism and foot speed.

Despite these limitations, Ducas' basketball IQ and feel for the game are notable strengths.

He moves well off the ball, finds open spots on offense, and demonstrates solid passing instincts contributing to team play beyond scoring.

His skills and shooting ability fit well within the Thunder's developmental strategy, aligning with their emphasis on nurturing young talent. The decision to sign Ducas provides the Thunder with a potential floor-spacing threat off the bench and a player who can stretch defenses with his shooting and contribute in specific offensive sets.

Ducas will most likely begin his journey with the OKC Blue, where he can continue to refine his game and adapt to the professional level.

Thunder fans will get their first glimpse of Ducas in action at the NBA Summer League in Salt Lake City, offering an early opportunity to assess his adaptation to NBA competition. With his shooting ability and developmental potential, Ducas represents a low-risk, high-reward addition for the Thunder, aligning again with their strategy of cultivating and developing talent while building for the future in Oklahoma City.