Assessing why Carmelo Anthony fizzled out with the OKC Thunder

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Despite the turmoil during Anthony’s tenure, he later went on to say how much he enjoyed his time with Oklahoma City. During an interview on the 7PM in Brooklyn Podcast, Melo had this to say about his time in OKC:

"It’s the best-run organization when it comes to understanding the needs of players and understanding how to communicate with players and hold players accountable… (Presti) worked with us, but he gave us our marks. If we didn’t hit those marks, we knew we weren't doing our best. If we didn’t hit the marks, Billy Donovan wasn’t coming in there talking to us, it was Sam Presti… He has no ill intentions in any of this. He wants what’s best for the player, and he really cares about what goes on."

Carmelo Anthony

Following the trade which sent Anthony to Atlanta, Presti would praise the veteran for his time with the team.

Anthony was not the only big name to have a breif tenure with the Thunder. We've seen numerous big-name talents make a pit stop in Oklahoma City on multiple occasions.

Former All-Stars including Chris Paul, Paul George, and Al Horford all spent time in Loud City. Even Kemba Walker had a 19-day stint with the team in the summer of 2021.

Sam Presti has found a perfect way of treating players well, while still putting a competitive team on the floor. LeBron James even chimed in, calling Presti "The MVP" during the All-Star media day in 2022.

A truly civil separation between Anthony and the team displays why so many players enjoy putting on a Thunder jersey. While expectations may have been too high, and the results never came, Carmelo Anthony's cup of coffee with the Thunder will forever be a part of his Hall of Fame resume.