OKC Thunder can capitalize on Pascal Siakam trade fallout

The Oklahoma City Thunder have the ability to capitalize on the Pascal Siakam trade fallout, as the Pacers might be willing to move on from some quality players.
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Jarace Walker

Alas, the biggest pipedream for the OKC Thunder fanbase when it comes to the Indiana Pacers roster is rookie modern big man Jarace Walker. The Houston star was a predraft darling for the Thunder fanbase, and rightfully so. As a prospect, he appeared to be the perfect fit for Oklahoma City before flying off the board at pick eight..

So far this season, Walker has played in just 13 NBA games, averaging three points, a rebound, an assist, 1.1 STOCKS per game, and turning in 40/36/85 shooting splits in 127 total NBA minutes.

The 6'8 240 pound forward has spent a lot of time in the NBA G League with the Mad Ants, where he averages 1.050 points per possession in overall offense ranking in the 89th percentile.

As a transition player, Walker ranks in the 71st percentile, in the half-court ranking in the 87th percentile, while dominating as a pick-and-roll ball handler, cutter, and especially spot-up scorer.

Walker is excellent at catch-and-shoot changes, shooting 50 percent on those attempts in the G League while shooting 43 percent on off-dribble jumpers and 59 percent at the rim.

The rookie is an incredibly switchable defender, going 1-5, navigating screens at a high level, and closing out on shooters at a high clip.

The messaging from Indiana has been consistent, they are not looking to trade Jarace Walker. The fact they held on to all of their coveted young players in a trade for an All-Star is significant, so that is why this is a pipedream.

However, if you do allow yourself to dream, goodness, what an addition Walker would be to this already fun, young, versatile OKC Thunder team.

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