4 former Thunder players who'd be welcomed back with open arms this summer

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Jeff Green

If the Thunder were to bring Jeff Green back to the team, he would be by far the oldest player on the roster. While the Gordon Hayward experiment didn’t work out, Green would bring championship DNA back to a city he is familiar with.

However, he is undoubtedly the least available player on this list.

He is a quality role player and his current team, the Rockets, have been clear about their intentions to make moves to start contending.

That being said, the Thunder have a treasure trove of draft capital and it could be worth shelling out a first-rounder to bring in one of the most experienced guys currently in the NBA.

At 37 years old, Green is the eighth oldest player in the NBA but still contributes when he is on the court. This past season he played in 78 games and contributed 2.6 win shares to the Rockets.

“Uncle Jeff,” as fans call him, has been around the block and seen many different situations in the league. He’s been on a 29-win Magic team as well as the 2023 NBA Championship-winning roster of the Denver Nuggets.

Back in 2011, Oklahoma City dealt Green to the Celtics in a deal that netted them Kendrick Perkins. Now, a little over 13 years later, he could be a key veteran piece to help the new generation of Thunder players get over the hump and raise the Larry O’Brien trophy.

While the league might not lose their minds over a trade like this, it’s impossible to dislike Jeff Green and a return to the Thunder would come after a long time in the making.