Grade the Trade: Thunder idea swaps Giddey for versatile 23-year-old power forward

Oklahoma City Thunder v Charlotte Hornets
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Without question, the OKC Thunder need to make some rotational tweaks to better position themselves for a title run come next year's campaign, and addressing their lack of size up in the frontcourt should be priority number one this offseason.

That being said, the way for the front office to approach fixing such a rotational sore spot may not necessarily have to come in the form of adding on another center to the mix.

Despite his slender 207-pound build, in just his first season of action the 7-foot-1 Chet Holmgren has already proven himself to be the ideal option for the franchise down at the starting pivot position, and there's enough evidence to suggest that, at least in the meantime, Jaylin Williams makes for a sound backup.

With this, perhaps the best way for Sam Presti and company to fill out their frontcourt might be to slide their attention up one spot and focus in on the power forward position.

Currently manning the starting four slot is Jalen Williams who, though undoubtedly a rising star in this league, at 6-foot-5 is a more natural fit at the three. Sliding him up one spot and keeping Holmgren at the five could present the Thunder with a golden opportunity to flesh out their starting five with a more traditional power forward option.

Thunder should look to trade Josh Giddey in deal for power forward

The next step in this hypothetical plan would, of course, be to try and find a suitable fit to slide in between Williams and Holmgren down in the frontcourt.

A way for them to acquire such a player could come via a trade involving the likes of Josh Giddey, and the Washington Wizards could very-well prove to be a formidable partner to a potential exchange.