Grade the Trade: Thunder land high-risk, high-reward center in NBA Draft day idea

The OKC Thunder are seen adding one of the league's most polarizing high-risk, high-reward centers in a recent trade proposal.
Portland Trail Blazers v Oklahoma City Thunder
Portland Trail Blazers v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages
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The OKC Thunder are without question one of the most interesting teams to watch this offseason.

Despite finishing with the top record in the Western Conference standings and embarking on their first deep playoff run in nearly a decade all while being the youngest team in history to accomplish both feats, when examining their current collection of ballers, though enviably talented, it's evident that they still possess some weaknesses in need of addressing.

Already this summer, Sam Presti and company have gone about and made moves to bolster one of their primary postseason sore spots from this past year in three-point shooting by striking a deal where they swapped out Josh Giddey to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for 3-and-D veteran Alex Caruso.

What this shows is that Oklahoma City is willing to make a few splashes in the name of bettering their odds of winning a championship in the not-too-distant future and, recently, Dan Favale of Bleacher Report went about and constructed a hypothetical scenario that he believes should be next on their trade agenda.

Recent trade idea lands Thunder high-risk, high-reward center talent

In a June 20 piece, the seasoned writer proposed 10 trade packages for numerous teams to consider executing come 2024 NBA Draft night, and, found included in the activity were the Thunder.

As is widely accepted among fans and media pundits alike, the area where OKC desperately needs to strengthen before the start of 2024-25's regular season is within their frontcourt rotation, particularly when it relates to adding more strength and size to their arsenal.

In Favale's eyes, Presti should look toward a direct divisional rival in the Portland Trail Blazers to address such a need.