Grade the Trade: Thunder land high-risk, high-reward center in NBA Draft day idea

The OKC Thunder are seen adding one of the league's most polarizing high-risk, high-reward centers in a recent trade proposal.
Portland Trail Blazers v Oklahoma City Thunder
Portland Trail Blazers v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages
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Grading the Trade: Should the Thunder say yes?

Whenever talking about the likes of Robert Williams III, it's incredibly hard not to mention just how high-risk, high-reward he is.

Both are equally and extensively well-documented.

When fully healthy, Williams has proven himself to be one of the most ferocious center talents in the entire association.

From his otherworldly athleticism to his established All-Defensive efforts on the less glamorous side of the ball, the sixth-year pro is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and his career per 100 averages of 17.6 points, 16.6 rebounds, and 4.0 blocks on 72.9 percent shooting from the floor only strengthens this notion.

Of course, the unfortunate part about this aforementioned analysis is that it was paraphrased with a highly necessary and pertinent "when fully healthy."

Throughout his NBA tenure, Williams has seen just one season where he's played in over 60 games, and has played in under 40 on four separate occasions.

This past year, he played in a career-low six total contests with the Portland Trail Blazers due to a patellar dislocation of his right knee that required season-ending surgery.

While his elite skill set as a rim protector and a board gobbler could certainly be of use to the Thunder, especially considering they placed fourth-worst in rebounds per game last season, and his ability to get out on fast breaks could be exciting to see running next to Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Williams, and Chet Holmgren, the 26-year-old's haphazard health history alone should deem him a scary player for this title-hungry team to deal for.

Add on the fact that he boasts a non-existent jumper and scoring abilities outside of lobs and put-backs, and there's little reason to believe the Thunder, even with their center needs, would be seriously interested in parting with a future first-round pick for a big man who's proven to be limited with both his game and availability.

Grade: C-