3 immediate benefits of Thunder signing veteran big Mike Muscala

Oklahoma City Thunder v Charlotte Hornets
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1. Veteran leadership

While the fact that they own a top-three record in the entire association alone makes 2023-24 unbelievably entertaining for the Oklahoma City fanbase, add this to the fact that the roster has an average age of just 24.12 and it makes their level of play all the more exciting to witness.

Of course, with this plus comes the clear minus that with lacking age comes lacking experience, as the Thunder currently have just four players on their active roster who have seen postseason action, with only Hayward playing minutes beyond round one.

Not only has Muscala seen six of his 11 seasons in the league advance into the playoffs, but twice has he been a part of a roster that's advanced to the Conference Finals, with his most recent appearance coming last year while serving as a member of the Boston Celtics.

Along with this, the 32-year-old has a track record of praising the Thunder organization for their "values" and the overall fandom that they've generated throughout the years, going as far as to say during his last stint with the organization that he'll "always be a Thunder fan."

It is this type of passion and affinity for the OKC Thunder that will be a huge bonus when battling through the uncharted territory for a majority of this roster that is the upcoming postseason and is something that will not only galvanize his teammates but the franchise's faithful followers as well.