3 NBA Draft prospects Thunder should be monitoring after landing No. 12 pick

There are a few prospects the OKC Thunder should have on their radar heading into the 2024 NBA Draft.
Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One
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Harrison Ingram

This last spot was a tricky one. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if the Thunder trade back from their No. 12 selection or, frankly, even out of the first round and the board becomes completely different if they do. So, for this pick, we went with someone who should be there later and would still mesh well with how the club plays.

Harrison Ingram, like the other two mentioned above, is a player who is more mature and experienced. He spent three seasons overall at the college level, with his first two at Stanford, and this last season playing for North Carolina.

His best season came for the Tar Heels where he posted a career-high in points (12.2), rebounds (8.8) and 3-point percentage (38.5%).

While his assists dropped this past season to 2.2 per game, he still proved to be a reliable playmaker that can help be a connector in an offensive scheme like the Thunder's.

In his sophomore year at Stanford, he averaged 3.7 assists per game where he had more possessions with the ball in his hands rather than serving as the secondary or tertiary creator in his one year for North Carolina.

One last thing that makes Ingram a well-rounded candidate that the Thunder should take a chance on is that he boasts an NBA-ready frame and size. He enters the draft measuring in at 6-foot-7 and 235 pounds and boasts a 7-foot wingspan.

With these measurements and his effort/intensity on the defensive side of the ball, he boasts the potential to be a switchable defender at the next level who can help on the interior or perimeter.

Each of these prospects could slot right into the rotation for the Thunder next season. However, trying to guess who Sam Presti wants is another thing.

He may stay put with his No. 12 selection or, as he has shown at times in the past, will find value in a trade and drop a few selections.

No matter which decision Presti winds up making, with his track record, one can bank on it being the right one.