3 Thunder players who increased their trade value this season

Oklahoma City Thunder v Charlotte Hornets
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2. Kenrich Williams

Kenrich Williams has been a beloved member of the OKC Thunder since first arriving to the franchise from the New Orleans Pelicans back in 2020.

From his stupendous defensive chops to his all-out energy on the hardwood that has branded him the well-deserved nickname of "Kenny Hustle," the sixth-year veteran has unquestionably established himself as a reliable 3-and-D wing for Oklahoma City.

And while this type of player is one that all teams seemingly covet, when it comes to this particular Thunder team it appears that they are a dime a dozen and, in turn, can make any one of them expendable.

This, sadly, does not bode well for Williams.

Considering the fact that he's one of the eldest players on this roster at the ripe age of 29, one could easily make the argument that out of him, Lu Dort (24), Cason Wallace (20), and Aaron Wiggins (20), he's the most likely of the bunch to receive the boot.

What has helped Williams' trade value this year is the fact that he finds himself shooting at a 39.1 percent clip from distance per game all while playing consistently strong defense and boasting 1.2 defensive win shares, both registering in as the second-best marks of his career.

In the event that he is shopped, there's no question that contenders across the association will be dialing up Sam Presti in regard to the team's asking price.

Though seeing him heading outbound may be touch, netting a few second rounders to clear out rotational redundancies may not be the worst scenario for this ascending squad.