3 Thunder players that need to improve ahead of postseason

Oklahoma City Thunder v Brooklyn Nets
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Isaiah Joe

In terms of instant offense, there aren't many relevant names off the bench for the Thunder other than Isaiah Joe. He has gained a deserved reputation of being a long-range marksman, as he is shooting 41 percent from deep this season.

Joe's impact is also felt defensively -- something that isn't often talked about is his ability to read attackers and draw charges. The wing is currently seventh in the entire NBA in total charges drawn and per game.

The three-point percentage is extremely impressive at first glance, and there is certainly no doubt in Joe's ability to be a shot-maker from distance. However, this season Joe has been much more streaky than the organization is used to from him. He has often followed very poor shooting performances with games where he can't miss.

While this isn't necessarily a glaring concern, the Thunder can't afford to have players on the court that are in a slump offensively as defenders target weaknesses.

Another issue is his record against teams the Thunder will likely face in their first round matchup.

Teams seeded five through ten, being New Orleans, Phoenix, Sacramento, Dallas, Los Angeles and Golden State, have had their successes guarding Joe this season. He's made just 39 of his 110 shots against these teams, for just 35 percent from the field. Oklahoma City could face any of these teams in a first-round series, and Joe hasn't been at his best against these opponents.

Shooting is the most valuable skill in a playoff series, as half-court offenses dry up and the basketball becomes more coaching and tactical based. Joe will earn himself major minutes if he knocks down threes as he offers another threat to a deep Thunder squad.

If he can't hit shots and struggles to consistently provide impact offensively, he will be pushed to the bench as coach Daigneault looks for other solutions.