5 Josh Giddey replacements the Thunder should try to acquire this summer

The Thunder should explore these Josh Giddey replacements this offseason.
Oklahoma City Thunder, Josh Giddey
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4. Trae Young

The Hawks face a crossroads offseason unless they can make a deep playoff run coming from the Play-In Tournament. It happened twice last season but feels highly unlikely from a team that is six games under .500 with one week left in the year. Atlanta wants to contend for a championship. It feels like their 2021 run to the conference finals was a fluke, which could put every player on the trade block this summer.

The Hawks dangled Dejounte Murray before the trade deadline but did not make a move. They need a needle-moving deal and are unlikely to get that return for the one-time All-Star. Their shot to make a massive splash is trading Trae Young.

This feels like a dangerous move for the Thunder. Young is one of the league’s best playmakers and shot-creators, but he is ball-dominant. Oklahoma City loves to target players who can dribble, pass, and shoot. If Young always has the ball, those skills are mitigated.

Trae Young is likely the best point guard available this summer. If the Thunder believe they need a lead ball-handler to replace Josh Giddey, they could explore this avenue. It would be a mistake with their roster construction, but adding talent often works out at the end of the day.

Oklahoma City would be much better off targeting an All-Star wing who is familiar with how the Thunder operate.