Plotting the dream offseason for the Oklahoma City Thunder this summer

Luguentz Dort, Oklahoma City Thunder and OG Anunoby, Toronto Raptors
Luguentz Dort, Oklahoma City Thunder and OG Anunoby, Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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3 Options for the Oklahoma City Thunder's big offseason splash

The Oklahoma City Thunder cleared future money from their books when they traded for Gordon Hayward, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. If they let Hayward, Pokusevski and Bismack Biyombo walk they will have around $35 million in cap space available, and could open up more if they waive their non-guaranteed contracts.

That means the Thunder can go after some major players in free agency, with enough space to sign a player to a near-max contract. Oklahoma City has a window of opportunity before Holmgren and Jalen Williams are due for new contracts over the next two seasons.

Unlikely: OG Anunoby

When the New York Knicks traded for OG Anunoby they almost certainly did so with the expectation to re-sign him this summer, especially given his CAA ties. Yet he is an unrestricted free agent and will have the freedom to choose his team this summer.

Anunoby has the skillset to be a perfect fit on the Thunder, pairing with Jalen Williams in the frontcourt and providing elite defense and solid shooting ability, with some ability off-the-bounce in certain situations. It's highly unlikely, but theoretically possible, so he should be near the top of their free agent board.

Gettable: Tobias Harris

The Philadelphia 76ers are hoping to utilize cap space this summer to add a big fish, and there is a decent chance that means they won't prioritize bringing back forward Tobias Harris. At 32 next season the Thunder likely won't want to sign him to a long-term contract, but paying him handsomely on a two-year deal could both encourage him to sign and keep their long-term salary sheet clear.

Harris is a knockdown shooter who has some shot-creation chops, and he is a fine defender. He has been overpaid on his last contract, but that has masked that he has a great skillset to be a lower-tier starter on a good team, as he has in Philadelphia.

Sneaky: Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors are facing significant financial decisions this summer, and their owner Joe Lacob has already indicated he wants the Warriors to not only get under the second tax apron but out of the luxury tax entirely. That could mean moving on from longtime Warrior Klay Thompson.

Thompson is dealing with the implications of his athletic decline and is seeing his role decreased, but he still has a lot to offer a team in the right role. He remains a high-level, high-volume shooter, and on a short-term deal as a gunner with size and playoff experience he would be an intriguing fit.