3 biggest takeaways from the first month of OKC Thunder basketball

Los Angeles Lakers v Oklahoma City Thunder
Los Angeles Lakers v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages
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Chet Holmgren has turn to a star this early

From time to time in the past two seasons, the OKC Thunder faithful have asked who and when the second star will emerge. Chet Holmgren has looked every bit of that second star wish the entire fanbase had longed for. 

Holmgren, still in his rookie season, has looked as smooth and solid as any other veteran the OKC Thunder have seen in their entire rebuilding years. Simply put, Holmgren has already carved his spot in the team after just a little over one month on the job. 

Chet Holmgren is averaging 18 points per game on a red-hot clip of 54/41/87 in the first 18 games so far. Holmgren’s touch has been put to use so far, putting himself in the 50/40/90 benchmark for most of November in one of the most under-the-radar storylines of the season. 

Defensively, Holmgren is a monster. He has been averaging two blocks and one steal per game while snagging eight rebounds every outing for the OKC Thunder, making him one of the most instrumental players in the team’s surprisingly great start for this 82-game season. His turnaround three that forced overtime against the Warriors pretty much said it all about Holmgren’s first month in the league.

Easily, Chet Holmgren is the guy to bank on for now as the second-best player on the team. With his two-way brilliance and ruthless competitiveness, OKC is lucky to have him around as one of, if not the best guards in the NBA so far.