Three Crazy Stats From The First Half Of The Season

The OKC Thunder have played half of their season so far, and there are three crazy stats that you have to check out.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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OKC Thunder’s Outstanding Offensive Efficiency

Oklahoma City produced the worst true shooting percentage in the NBA during the 2022 season, which helped them secure Chet Holmgren and Jalen Williams in the draft.

Additionally, the Thunder poached legendary shooting coach Chip Engelland from San Antonio, thus immensely bolstering their player development staff. 

Following these moves, they drastically improved to the tune of a 2023 play-in berth, although shooting still eluded them.

Despite their success, Oklahoma City still ranked 23rd in true shooting percentage. 

Fast forward to halfway through this season, and they lead the league in true shooting percentage! Seven of their top eight players in total minutes are above league average in the metric, which speaks to Chip Engelland’s impact. 

Perhaps the most notable success story is Josh Giddey, who struggled to shoot from deep and the free throw line across his first two seasons.

However, Giddey owns a 38 three-point percentage and 83 free throw percentage over his past 30 games. It would not be shocking if he breaks the 40 percent barrier for a season with a few more years under Engelland’s tutelage. 

Overall, the fact that Oklahoma City has become this efficient this fast is incredible, especially since they are the second youngest team. The sky's the limit for this offense, which already paces the NBA in points per possession.