Three Crazy Stats From The First Half Of The Season

The OKC Thunder have played half of their season so far, and there are three crazy stats that you have to check out.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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4th Quarter Jalen Williams

When the final twelve minutes hit, Jalen Williams undergoes a werewolf-esque transformation and turns into an MVP candidate.

During the quarter, Williams averages seven points on an impossible 61 field goal percentage and 58 three-point percentage.

For context, that fourth quarter point total is the 12th largest in the NBA (min. 20 games), although no player above him comes close to his efficiency.

It’s even more points than teammate Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, who produces 31 points per game and sits firmly in the MVP conversation. 

Oklahoma City owns the best clutch Offensive Rating and fourth quarter true shooting percentage because Williams and Gilgeous-Alexander form an unstoppable duo.

Teams are becoming wary of doubling Gilgeous-Alexander now in large part due to Williams’ ascension. Their ability to thrive under pressure and consistently create advantages out of nothing will be massive against elite playoff defenses, such as Minnesota. 

If Williams continues on this All-NBA trajectory, then Oklahoma City’s offense legitimately has the potential to shoulder a Finals berth as soon as this season.

The most unbelievable part? Williams still has two remaining years on his cheap rookie contract, which deems it one of the most valuable contracts in the league. All hail Sam Presti.

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