Thunder News: Rising stars, best play, superstar trade, all-time draft busts

Chet Holmgren, Rising Stars Challenge
Chet Holmgren, Rising Stars Challenge / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Dream offseason

The OKC Thunder have an important stretch run and postseason to stay focused on. They are inexperienced, yes, but they are also really good. If you look at their bona fides and don't factor in their playoff experience or age you see a title contender; those factors do matter, but the Thunder shouldn't assume they have no shot this year. At worst, the playoff experience they do gain will be invaluable moving forward.

As with any well-run team, however, the Thunder are also looking ahead to the offseason. What steps should they take to further build up a contending team? We took a look at each step of the offseason and laid out the gameplan for a dream offseason, from the draft to signings to contract decisions. Will it result in a championship team in OKC?

Superstar trades

One avenue available to the Thunder this summer is making a swing for a superstar player to pair with their current trio. It's not the only option that Sam Presti can take to building a title team, but it's on the table given the quality of the team and their draft assets.

The Thunder have to be careful to target the right kind of player. Trae Young may be available but would be a terrible fit. Karl-Anthony Towns is on a massive contract. The Thunder have a really good team, and any addition -- big or small -- needs to fit that vision.

With that in mind, we took a look at three potential superstars the Thunder could trade for this summer and asked the question of whether they made sense.