Thunder rumors: 3 teams that could trade for Josh Giddey at the deadline

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz
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No. 3: Does Houston have a problem?

The Houston Rockets started off as a surprise team in the NBA, on January 1st, 2024 they sat at 16-15, however during the first month of the year they sputtered, now they sit at 23-26. Is this growing pains for the seventh youngest team, or a sign a move should be made ahead of the deadline?

It seems like the Rocket have been open to trading Jabari Smith Jr. since they drafted him, and last year there was a strange rumor that Smith Jr. was originally supposed to end up in OKC. So, let's see what that would look like:

The Trade:

Houston receives Josh Giddey and two future second round picks, while the Thunder receive Jabari Smith Jr and a second-round pick.

Trading Smith Jr. will further open things up on the inside for Rockets rising star Alperen Sengun as both teams are essentially swapping a starter. The move also gives the Rockets another ball handler as they only have two players averaging more than two assists per game.

For the Thunder, they add additional size, rebounding and as a bonus more shooting. Smith Jr. fills many of the boxes the Thunder need to check off their wish list. This deal is likely not enough to move the needle for the Rockets, but if they want to prioritize ball-handling this basic framework could gain traction.

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