Why the OKC Thunder should not make a splashy trade this season

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So what should the OKC Thunder do?

It is my belief that the Thunder already have a championship core on their roster. Between Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Chet Holmgren, and Jalen Williams, I think our top three are set.

These players are complimentary. They all can shoot, pass, and defend at high levels. For crying out loud, their team is 3rd in the West, and they’re all still young enough to be on their parent’s insurance. 

The instinct to acquire the best top-end talent as soon as possible makes sense. After all, this is a star’s league. The majority of championships are won by teams with at least two top-20 players. But this Thunder team already has the stars, so why do they need to force a trade for another one?

The Thunder are not trying to find a second-best player. Their rookie center is already showing that he’ll be able to fill that role. 

It’s not like the Lakers traded for Anthony Davis to put alongside LeBron James. OKC is more like a younger version of the Nuggets team that traded for Aaron Gordon. They’re looking for an ideal fourth-best player

Let them get some playoff reps this year and fully discover what the team needs to win a championship—adding a player that commands the contract that Markkanen or Anunoby would is a short-sighted move. A move that would prevent the Thunder from retaining their current core. 

Remember: Presti lived through the early Thunder experience like the rest of us. He has learned from that era and is well-equipped to lead the Thunder to a championship.

Trust that he’ll make the right decision, even if that decision just means sticking with what we’ve got.

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