2010 Re-draft; Part Deux


Is it to late to change my Landry Fields to the Warriors at #6 overall selection? It’s making me look down right ignorant. Since trading for Melo, Fields has managed to completely disappear when I thought it would only further bring out his strengths. He was the Knicks best defender, a good three point shooter who could also finish at the rim, and to top it off, collected boards like a machine. I just don’t get it. Maybe he just came back to reality and wasn’t that good to begin with. I guess there is a reason he went in the 2nd round. Maybe he makes me look like a genius down the road, but at pick 6 perhaps I got a little carried away. I liken Fields to Pauly D of the Jersey Shore due to the fact I loved him for a while, then Pauly became BFF’s with Vinny and immediately lost all credibility in my book. Let’s hope Fields rebounds and doesn’t go down that sam treacherous path to lameville. To the redraft we go!

With the 11nth pick in the draft the Oklahoma City Thunder select- Patrick Patterson

The actual #11 pick- Cole Aldrich

I love American born, white centers who actually measure out to be 6-9 without shoes. What’s better then an un-athletic, undersized, white center taken in the lottery? The ghosts of the Sonics have been trying to fill their center position for years as they have drafted countless bums but Aldrich actually isn’t a terrible pick. Think Joel Przybilla with less explosiveness and height! I know they didn’t know they were going to end up trading for future hall of famer, Kendrick Perkins and “Nasty” Nazr Mohammed so I will cut my boys some slack here. They made a semi-bold move in trading the # 21 and 26 picks as well as absorbing the last year of Morris Peterson’s contract to move up to #11 but was it the right move? In my opinion, no. First of all, I’m stunned that they didn’t select Ed Davis, who I had going number 5 in my redraft as he could have slid in nicely at power forward or become a nice scorer off the bench filling in for Ibaka, or even played alongside Dr. Nasty. The thought of it is now making me depressed. Better double dose the Wellbutrin!! Since Eddy is already gone in the redraft I have to go with Patterson here who is another version of Davis albeit with less potential. He could have stepped in right away and become a valuable contributor off of the bench or eventually taken Nick Collison’s place in the rotation after this season.

So the Thunder started this draft with 3 first round picks and ended up with Cole Aldrich! How would a combination of either Ed Davis/Patterson and Eric Bledsoe/Avery Bradley make you feel. I’d say just about how Charlie Sheen feels after downing a gallon of tiger blood. Winning!!! They still could have pulled off the Perkins and Mohammed trades and had the most exciting young core maybe in NBA history. If only I was in control! It huuuurts.

With the 12th pick in the draft the Memphis Grizzzz select- Xavier Henry
The actual #12 pick- Xavier Henry

I struggled with this choice very much. Would I go with the original pick Henry, Jordan Crawford, or Eric Bledsoe. It seems as if the Grizz are finished with O.J. Mayo for God knows what reason so they are in need of another 2 guard. If you know anything about Memphis, then you know they lack 3 point shooters of any kind, at least when Rudy Gay is injured and Mayo is not playing much. The reason I still would take Henry in this spot is that he is the best 3 point shooter of the bunch and was a top 5 prospect coming out of high school. He has deep range and fills a need for them. Unfortunately for them he got hurt and is no longer playing this season, but he should slide into that 2 guard spot next season or be a 3 point specialist of the bench. Dare I say…… a good pick by Memphis G.M. Chris Wallace who has seemingly blown every decision when being in a position of power.

With the 13th pick in the draft the Toronto Raptors select- Paul George
The actual # 13 pick- Ed Davis

This redraft huuurts Canada’s lone remaining team as they got the biggest steal of the real draft other then cuuzins. They are now forced to take a different high upside player in George. The Rap’s need a small forward as much as I need a higher paying job so George is a good fit. He is a superior athlete and has been compared, probably unfairly, to Tracy McGrady. He is not a great 3 point shooter yet but the Raptors have enough of those guys. They just need to keep adding talent and George fits the bill. Decent pick.

WIth the 14th pick in the draft the Houston Rockets select-Cole Aldrich
The actual # 14 pick- Patrick Patterson

Trust me when I tell you that I didn’t want to make this pick. It goes against everything I stand for but the fact is Houston needs a center since Yao Ming seems destined to never recover from his multiple leg and foot injuries. I was thinking about taking a combo guard such as Avery Bradley or Crawford here but the Rockets are set in the backcourt with Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry so I went with need. This draft has virtually no good big men left and least Cole can block shots and provide a body down low. Patterson was a solid pick for them but they already have Luis Scola and Jordan Hill to play power forward. I suppose if he expands his range he could play the 3 making him a nice piece to have coming off the bench or perhaps starting. I’m sorry for giving you an American born, white center Houston. He might be the next Olajuwon……or not.

With the 15th pick in the draft the Milwaukee Bucks select- Ekpe Udoh
The actual #15 pick- Larry Sanders

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, I almost forgot about this lanky beast. He would have also been a nice fit for Toronto filling a rebounding need that they don’t get from their Cannoli soft center, Andrea Bargnani, but instead I gave them a guy with more upside. The Warriors really reached for this guy at pick 6. Pretty shocking considering the Udoh wasn’t a high upside pick. He kind of is what he is and that’s a very good shot blocker and solid rebounder who can get you a few lay ins or dunks a game. Jordan Crawford would have been a good pick here as well if they had only not highly overpaid John Salmons and traded for Corey Maggette. The guy they did select, Sanders, looks pretty raw and was considered somewhat of a reach so the Bucks get a steal in Udoh. My man.

With the 16th pick in the draft the Minnesota She-Wolves select- Jordan Crawford
The actual #16 pick- Luke Babbit

Crawford could end up being one of the best players to come out of this draft and based on his play for the Wizards, it’s looking that way. How did Atlanta use this guy as a throw in to get rid of Mike Bibby’s contract? I hope they fully plan on resigning Jamal Crawford, who is a free agent, because the younger Crawford would have filled his elder who shares his namesake quite admirably. With Nick Young of the Wizards injured, Crawford was able to step right into the starting lineup, filling up many a box score. He even messed around and got a triple double. Great trade for the Wizards as they now have a couple of beauties in the backcourt to mature together.

This would have worked out great for the Wolves had they drafted Cousins or Monroe with their first pick(in this case Monroe) as they now get the shooting guard to fill their hole there for which they drafted Johnson for. You have to think people. The She-Wolves G.M. is regarded as the worst in the NBA, and for good reason. Crawford would have been perfect fit for the Wolves.

With the 17th pick in the draft the Washington Wizards select- Al-Farouq Aminu
The actual #17 pick- Kevin Seraphin

The Wizards picked up this draft pick and Kirk Hinrich’s expiring contract from the Bulls so Chi-town could have the salary cap space to go after Dwayne Wade or Lebron. Instead they got Boozer. Aminu would be a major coup at this point in the draft as the Clippers took him all the way up at the 8 spot. He would also be a perfect fit at small forward surrounded by John Wall, Jordan Crawford, JaVale McGee, and Andray Blatche. Wow, I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. He most definitely could have gone sooner in this redraft but many of these past teams were set at the forward positions making him a great pickup here at 17. I’m not sold on Seraphin and the Wizard already have some nice big men making this a much better pick. The way I put these teams together is a thing of beauty is it not?

With the 18th pick in the draft the the Los Angeles Clippers select- Avery Bradley
The actual # 18 pick- Eric Bledsoe

The Thunder traded this pick to the Clippers for a future first rounder which shouldn’t hurt Thunder nation too bad until you realize the pick was thrown in the Kendrick Perkins deal. Why? I keep imagining Bledsoe with the Thunder and it makes me nauseous because I know it would have been a perfect fit. Oh well, in this draft the Clipps don’t get him either. Instead they take Avery Bradley, who a year earlier was rated as ESPN’s #1 overall recruit coming out of high school. How was this guy rated ahead of John Wall? That’s ridiculous, but impressive nonetheless and anytime you can get that kind of talent this late in the draft, you jump on it. Bradley doesn’t really have a position but I’m guessing scouts believe he could become a Russell Westbrook typed of point guard in the NBA. The Clippers are set at the 2 guard spot with Eric Gordon so Bradley could have stepped in beside him at the point guard spot as early as next season. L.A.’s real draft went pretty well but their redraft worked out nicely too. You have to hand it to me. I’m good.

WIth the 19th pick in the draft the Boston Celtics select- Larry Sanders
The actual # 19 pick- Avery Bradley

This is where the drafting gets tough. Do you take a shooter like Luke Babbitt, a wing/big in Damion James, or go with the highest rated big man left in the draft? Seeing how the Celtic’s lack of depth in the front court is hurting them right now, Sanders is the pick. Sanders is a big time athlete and could eventually replace Kevin Garnett. He is a little light in the britches but the Celtics could use anybody up front right now, especially a shot blocker like Sanders. It looks like the Celtics may have screwed up in taking Bradley over Jordan Crawford, as Crawford would have been able to actually contribute this season for their title run, as well as replace Ray Allen in the starting lineup 2 years from now. I like Bradley but he is without a true position right now and gets no run for Doc Rivers.

WIth the 20th pick in the draft the San Antonio Spurs select- Kevin Seraphin
The actual # 20 pick- James Anderson

It’s obvious when watching the Spurs/Grizz playoff series that San Antonio needs some more length in the front court. Duncan and Mcdyess are old and worn down and Tiago Splitter hasn’t developed as planned. DeJuan Blair and Seraphin could supply a nice combination up front in the future. This beast has a 7-3 wingspan and was born to bang. The Spurs uncharacteristically bricked with their selection of Anderson and are already deep at the swingmen position making that pick extremely questionable. I like Seraphin. I like my drafting skills even more.

There you have it my loyal followers. The next 10 done in the 2010 redraft. Here’s to Pauly D dropping Vinny and going back to Sitch! Cabs are Here!!

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