Top Ten Goals For The Oklahoma City Thunder Season


With the NBA season only a month and a half away, now is the time we all start determining “what we want to see out of our team” from opening night onwards. Here are my “Top Ten Goals” for the Oklahoma City Thunder in season 2014-15.

1. Relatively well managed minutes for Kevin Durant.

After withdrawing from Team USA ahead of the FIBA competition citing mental and physical fatigue, I want to see a well-rested Kevin Durant from opening night. As he tries to lead the Thunder back to the NBA Finals, I would love to see his minutes managed a little more closely to avoid end of season fatigue.

2. A fit and firing Russell Westbrook.

You didn’t really appreciate what we had in Russ until you had to watch half a season without him. He is an athletic and explosive point guard who takes every game on relentlessly. At full flight, there are few better players in the league and let’s hope we get to see the number 0 in action for 80+ games.

3. More Serge Ibaka in the offense.

Each and every year Serge Ibaka has improved and now having spent the off-season representing Spain (alongside Marc & Pau Gasol) we can expect Ibaka to raise the bar again. Thunder fans would surely agree that a little more Ibaka in the offense would make the Oklahoma City Thunder more dangerous – and we all want that this season.

4. Reggie Jackson signed up and locked away.

Nothing impacts a team more than uncertainty. It is why Sam Presti & co try to avoid it. The Thunder will be hoping to secure Reggie’s signature to a contract extension before the season starts, so all eyes are on the prize when the ball is thrown in the air.

5. Consistency and improved defense from Jeremy Lamb.

Each season Lamb promises to be better than the last. While that has been the case, after three seasons we are now expecting a breakout year. Last season got that process started, but lost momentum after February. This season, we all want to see the potential of Jeremy Lamb realized. Coming off the bench for big minutes, if we could see double figure efficient scoring and decent man on man defense, that would be great.

6. Steven Adams playing a bigger role.

For a rookie, Steven Adams sure hit his straps. Originally seen as a project, Adams quickly showed he was going to be a problem sooner rather than later. If he has developed at the same rate this off-season, it is easy to see him nearly doubling the 14 minutes per game he got last season.

7. Anthony Morrow making it rain.

When Russ drives the lane, when KD is double teamed, or when the stars are resting, Thunder fans must be excited about Anthony Morrow dropping triples on the regular. Having such a talented sharpshooter from beyond the arc is going to be very exciting, and very beneficial to the Thunder season.

8. Minutes for Mitch McGary.

Yes he is a rookie front court player returning from a back injury – but we would love to see some decent minutes for McGary in his first NBA season. He showed enough during the Summer League to suggest he is ready for some regular season action. His ability to run the floor, hustle hard and pass the basketball hopefully translates to 15 – 2o minutes with the second unit each night.

9. Perry Jones to realize his potential and play a role

Another third year player, we have only seen glimpses of what Perry Jones III can offer. Most recently, his performances in Summer League competition reminded us why he was a projected lottery pick. Having worked on his three point shot and aggressiveness with the ball, let’s hope he can carve out a spot in the rotation and provide plenty.

10. Scott Brooks to be more flexible on the sidelines.

Every Thunder fans dream more or less. While we love watching Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook create, we do wonder just how much more effective the Oklahoma City Thunder could be with a little more structure and sideline assistance. This needs to be the year. A few more offensive structures, flexibility in rotations and minutes for younger stars over aging veterans would serve Brooks and the Thunder very well.

So there you have it. 10 goals for the upcoming season. If the Oklahoma City Thunder can achieve most of these goals, then they may find themselves competing for the ultimate goal again – an NBA Championship.

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