OKC Thunder Winning Formula: Five statistical tipping points

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - JANUARY 28: Russell Westbrook
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - JANUARY 28: Russell Westbrook /
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PORTLAND, OR – MARCH 3: Raymond Felton /

More than 20 assists:

OKC fan’s greatest frustration this season has been the offense. At times beautiful, at others simply stagnant. When the Thunder get the ball moving and find ways to get everybody involved, it makes them much more difficult to guard. Although, when they depend on individual talents to provide their scoring, they are one dimensional and easy to guard.

When the Thunder get at least 20 assists, they are 30-9. Conversely, when the OKC Thunder get 19 or less assists, they are 13-21.

Before this season started, I was under the impression the offense would run itself. I thought the isolation abilities of the Thunder’s top talents would be enough to win basketball games. I was wrong.

The OKC Thunder will need to continue to trust Billy Donovan’s proven ability to install effective motion offenses. Moreover, they must buy into the idea that they need one another to be the best team that they can possibly be.