5 takeaways from OKC Thunder epic win in Houston

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 7: Russell Westbrook
HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 7: Russell Westbrook /
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The OKC Thunder seized a huge victory in Houston to take charge of their own destiny. The game offered five key takeaways to build upon as the squad completes the 2017-18 campaign.

It’s been a roller coaster season for the OKC Thunder and their fan base. Understandably Thunder Nation has experienced angst witnessing this squads up and downs.

Initially, it was easy to write off early losses as the team found their footing and learned how to play with each other.

Covering the team offered it’s own dilemmas because every time the squad would serve up a masterful performance invariably it was followed by a head scratching loss.

Win streaks were few and far between. And yet, there was always this unshakeable fact this squad could deliver when it mattered most.

In retrospect, this is probably the overriding feeling fans and analysts alike will carry through the final two games and well into the postseason. Certainly a deep playoff run will erase any and all of those mixed emotions.

For now, there will continue to be bated breath moments until the team inks their berth. Looking back at the win however, there are five key points to focus on moving forward.