Thunder in the news: The power of one

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 07: Russell Westbrook
HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 07: Russell Westbrook /

As the OKC Thunder made their way to South Beach for their final road game the magic number to clinch is one.

For Thunder Nation being a fan of the OKC Thunder has equated to a season long roller coaster ride.  The anticipation of the climb upward with anticipation of greatness. Plummeting downward in losses to mediocre teams or losing leads in :24 seconds. And the ecstasy from thrilling wins over top tier teams.

Saturday, April 7 proved to be the highest apex of that roller coaster.  Trailing the Rockets by six points with seconds remaining in the third quarter the tension was palpable.

With Westbrook resting, the Thunder did something which never would have occurred last season. Accompanied by Paul George the reserve unit erased Houston’s lead and by the time Westbrook returned OKC held a two point advantage they would never surrender.

West Heats Up:

A busy Saturday witnessed almost every western team involved in the playoff race in action. The Clippers loss to the Nuggets eliminated them from the field of teams chasing five open postseason berths. And, while the Thunder delivered a must win, they got no leverage elsewhere since the Pelicans, Spurs and Nuggets also won.

Sunday action finds the Jazz in playing the Lakers. Utah is the only member of this above  group in action. So, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will prove to be eventful days across the Association.

To assist fans with the daily action and status, Thunderous Intentions will post a daily chart with updates through to end of season. Today’s chart is below and the details are available here.

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Eastern Race:

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Unlike the west  the opposing conference has all eight teams solidified. The commonality is other than the top two squads (Raptors/Celtics) the other six teams have yet to confirm their seed.

With news Kyrie Irving won’t return this season there is a major battle at the bottom of the bracket to secure the seventh seed. Both the Heat and Wizards are attempting to lose their way into this position. Granted the Celtics got served terrible news with the loss of Irving, but to assume coaching savant Brad Stevens or the top ranked NBA defense won’t play a factor feels a little short sighted.

Power of One:

With the win in Houston the OKC Thunder have a new magic number of one. This because the Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets still have a game against each other. Since only one team can win it means one more victory by the Thunder would give them an extra win over one of those teams who both trail OKC with one fewer win and two games remaining.

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That wraps up OKC Thunder in the news for Sunday, April 8. Make sure to add Thunderous Intentions to your daily reading list as our team of writers offers up their opinions and analysis on your favorite team the OKC Thunder.