Jerami Grant exit interview: growth, relationships, summer of decision

Jerami Grant, OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
Jerami Grant, OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Jerami Grant met with the media for his exit interview with the focus on his summer decision, offseason plans, and team relationships.

Although most attention centers on free agent Paul George a secondary priority will be finding a way to retain Jerami Grant. Notably, most of the growth and improvement shown on the court by Grant has been a result of the work the OKC Thunder staff and Grant put in since he joined the team. To lose him now to free agency would be rough, especially given the franchise has been key to the youngsters growth.

On the positive side Grant recognizes he factors in the OKC Thunder plans. Should he remain with the team there’s a very good chance he’ll be the starting power forward come season start. Although Sam Presti pointed to using Grant at the center in small ball lineups. This only speaks to the versatility Grant offers the OKC Thunder and Billy Donovan in terms of his usage.

Free Agency:

Although the question was asked Grant immediately shut it down citing the season just ending the day prior. Of note, and key to moving forward should Grant be desirous of returning he surely knows Paul George will take precedent and his meeting will garner secondary focus.

Haven’t thought about it much but I love being here.


Jerami Grant made a point of recognizing two coaches for their work with him. Assistant coach Adrian Griffin and the strength trainer Mike Davis  have spent hours working with Grant.  As Grant stated:

"“It’s a testament to the staff here. Adrian Griffin and Mike Davis did a great job of moving me forward.”"


One pundit asked where his confidence comes from to which Grant said it’s due to the work he’s put in. He recognized his ability to improve all came as a result of hard work which allowed the youngster to expand his game and become more versatile.

More workouts with an old OKC teammate:

Asked about his offseason and what it will entail. Grant says he plans on taking a little time off, but will get right back to work. He intends to work out again with Victor Oladipo who he spent time with last offseason getting in shape.


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Trust me when I say you need to watch the video to recognize the tell tale signs of truth. I’m not saying Grant doesn’t have a solid relationship with Carmelo Anthony. Rather, his face lights up when asked about George and Westbrook.  Clearly those three are closer.

The questions began with the scribe asking about his relationship with Anthony he was positive. Perhaps the reason this was pointed to is it was Grant who took much of Melo’s time on the court, particularly in the postseason.

When speaking of his relationship with George and Westbrook though he broke into a big grin citing how they like the same things and joking around.

Areas of focus:

Grant stated he’ll continue to work on all facets of his game with a view to improving and adding a more efficient perimeter shot.

As a side note, whatever happens with Carmelo Anthony is sure to affect what happens with Grant. Surely the OKC Thunder brain trust would rather keep Jerami Grant it the fold and have him become one of their cornerstone pieces.

Here’s hoping Sam Presti can find a way to make it happen as Grant for this scribes money was by far the most improved player on the squad this season.