Mr. Thunder, Nick Collison announces retirement

Nick Collison, OKC Thunder (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)
Nick Collison, OKC Thunder (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images) /

After 14 seasons Nick Collison officially announces his retirement from the NBA.

I just finished reading the ESPN Nick Collison article (as told to Royce Young) and full disclosure, tears are streaming down my face. It’s not like his departure wasn’t widely expected. Many felt this would be his last season even before training camp.  Rather, it’s the end of an era in a way and more importantly the OKC Thunder and the NBA have lost one of the good guys.

Collison exits having spent the entirety of his career with one franchise via four seasons in Seattle and 10 in Oklahoma City. Technically Collison was in the NBA 15 seasons, but a dislocated shoulder which required surgery caused him to miss the entirety of his rookie year.  Widely known as Mr. Thunder this is a bittersweet moment for all Thunder fans.

Despite not getting many minutes on court this season Nick Collison squeezed every last drop of euphoria out of those fleeting moments whether in garbage time or on a few occasions providing a spark off the bench.

There will undoubtedly be additional tributes and thanks coming from the writing team in the coming days. And, while I could pull copious quotes from his ESPN article delivering the news of his retirement, let me make a suggestion. Go read the article. Bookmark it. And, on any given day when feeling dispirited about the OKC Thunder, pull it back up and read it again. That’s what I intend to do, because it reflects so perfectly why I love this game and why Nick Collison is much more than his career statistical achievements will ever do justice.

Mr. Thunder bids us adieu:

Collison could equally have been dubbed Mr. Steady or Mr. Reliable given his personality. Never once was there a question the big man was going to deliver whatever was asked of him.

Carmelo Anthony now becomes the oldest player on the squad (by approximately a month over Raymond Felton). That in itself carries a certain irony given Anthony’s recent exit interview. The star while well liked by his team was vocal about his displeasure in his role. Melo declared he wanted to return to “what he does well” (read: isoball) and noted his allergy to reserve minutes. I’m of course being facetious as Anthony adamantly refuses to play a bench role.

Melo may be a great guy, but he could learn a thing or two from Nick Collison. Heck, every NBA player could.

Best wishes in your next journey:

It is was fond memories and a sad heart Thunderous Intentions congratulates Collison on his decade of service in OKC. We wish him God speed and best of luck in his next endeavors and politely request he stays close to the franchise.

Mr. Thunder, you provided memories too numerous to count, moments which touched our hearts and souls and pride for the person you displayed on and off the court while representing the team we love.

Nick Collison – one of a kind. Thank you for everything you brought to the Thunder. You will be missed and loved forever in OKC!