OKC Thunder season reviews – Trio of reserves: Collison, Singler, Johnson

OKC Thunder. Nick Collison (Photo by Layne Murdoch Sr./NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder. Nick Collison (Photo by Layne Murdoch Sr./NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Kyle Singler:

If you’ve rolled your eyes when Kyle Singler checked into the game, you’re not alone. The five-year, $25-million contract he signed in 2015 was shocking to say the least, and one he hasn’t come close to living up to.

We don’t see a lot of Singler these days, as he spent a majority of this season in a suit and tie on the bench as a reserve. He lost his regular minutes to off the bench to a new crop of players and is now a relatively pricey reserve. Which he will continue to be until his contract expires after next season.

On the other hand as next season progresses teams seeking to meet the salary basement cap will be open to trade for Singler which could indirectly help the Thunder depending on what happens this summer.

Singler played 12 games this year and had his best outing in January when he posted nine points in a loss agaist Brooklyn. He was given less than 10 minutes in each of the other 11 games sprinkled throughout the season.

Season Stats

  • 1.9 points
  • 0.2 assists
  • 1.3 rebounds
  • Offensive rating of 94.8
  • Defensive rating of 98
  • 33 percent field-goal percentage
  • 40 percent 3-point percentage
  • 53 percent free-throw percentage

Although fans can be hard on Singler as a player, he has proven to be a great part of the community. Singler has participated in most of the Thunder’s charity events and has never been known to cause problems in the locker room.

Offseason homework:

Between now and the beginning of next season, Singler has to get better if he wants to earn a spot in the rotation. If he can find his way back on the floor, he could have an outside chance of staying on through the 2020 season, as his contract has an early termination option for that year.

Before that happens, however, Singler has to find a way to overcome the injury issues he’s had and get back to being the two-way player he was in Detroit.

That means being a threat to score from the perimeter and hustling on the defensive end.  Given bench efficiency plagued the Thunder this season, the opportunity is there. The question is, will Singler seize the opportunity?