OKC Thunder in the news: Paul George encourages, Minnesota falls, Sunset jerseys return

Paul George, Jerami Grant, OKC Thunder (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
Paul George, Jerami Grant, OKC Thunder (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder in the news for Sunday features Paul George demonstrating leadership, a strong preseason win, and some good news in the Thunder fashion world.

OKC Thunder fans are all up and at ’em early this morning, ready to stay current on their OKC news. You’re in luck, crew. The latest from the Thunder universe is all right here.

PG Shows Leadership

Now that George has committed to the OKC Thunder for the next four years, he’s taken it upon himself to be a more vocal leader. Last year, George’s primary concern was learning if OKC was the place he wanted to be. Now that he’s here, and running mates with Russell Westbrook, George knows that there is a share of leadership responsibility that falls on him.

In recent comments, George’s understanding of his new role was apparent.

In the above video, George was talking about Andre Roberson’s recent setback and said:

"“Andre is with us regardless. We’re not rushing ‘Dre back. I didn’t re-sign here for ‘Dre to be back immediately. With all injuries, it’s going to take time. I think the only person that we have to keep the spirits up is on us to keep ‘Dre’s spirits up through this process. He’ll be fine. I’ve been seeing how hard he has been working on getting back and in due time he’ll be with us. What’s important for us is to just get off on a good start.”"

It’s a great sign, seeing PG take it upon himself to ensure the team remains positive while Roberson is out. George went on to say:

"“We have to go out there and work with what we got. I think we have more than enough for the time. Every day just staying steady and try to build habits and get better.”"

Thunder Take Down Wolves

On Friday, the Thunder played the Minnesota Timberwolves. It was a great game because the Thunder won. 

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Of course, it’s just preseason. We can write that off as not indicative of anything, but I don’t prescribe to that. Perhaps its a bit reductive, but I think preseason NBA games offer plenty of insight, simply because it’s NBA talent versus NBA talent. The players are trying to win. The coaches may be experimenting with lineups and schemes, but the head to head talent remains the same.

Taking down the Wolves is a small victory that bodes well for the Thunder. The Wolves tended to give the Thunder fits last season, so it felt good to get them back.

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Sunset Jerseys Come Back

Fashion-forward Thunder fans are cheering and jeering from their couches this morning. The popular OKC Sunset jerseys are coming back.

The jerseys were last used by the Thunder during the last year of the NBA’s contract with Adidas. The orange jerseys will be recreated by Nike in their “Earned” line of jerseys, given to those teams who made the playoffs last year.

There’s no word on if the jerseys will be worn after Christmas Day games, but we’re all hoping and praying that’s exactly what will happen.

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