Russell Westbrook exits game with severe ankle injury UPDATED: x-rays negative

Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook suffered at minimum a terrible ankle  sprain versus the New Orleans Pelicans. The severity has not been confirmed. Gather with me Thunder Nation as we send up prayers.

UPDATE 11:00 PM: X-rays on ankle are NEGATIVE

This is the post you never want to read as an OKC Thunder fan. Tonight during a very competitive OKC Thunder game at 4:25 of the third quarter as Russell Westbrook returned to the ground after a typically aggressive effort at the glass he landed on Anthony Davis‘ foot.

What followed was the sickening view of his ankle bending almost completely to the ground. And, depending on what replay you say it seemed like his left knee also buckled.

Westbrook was clearly in obvious pain and reckoning back to his response to banging the table following his first leg injury in the playoffs courtesy of his nemesis Patrick Beverley he smacked the floor. Russ tried to stand and struggled to limp toward the sideline.

From there the star was helped to the dressing room.  As fans you never want to witness any player suffer injury, but this one was particularly saddening and frustrating.

With the OKC Thunder struggling to start the season at 0-4 Westbrook had missed the start of the season recovering from a procedure to his right knee. The team had riped off four consecutive wins and were just starting to resemble what most though the team was capable of prior to season start.

For the moment Paul George will have to step up to take the leadership mantle and Dennis Schroder can run the offense.

The larger concern is this injury to Russell Westbrook is not a long term injury or that it affected his knee.  For now, the most current news via Royce Young tweet is the OKC Thunder are saying it’s a severe left ankle sprain.

We’ll await reports and updates. I call upon all OKC Thunder fans and those who love the NBA to send our your prayers and wishes directing them toward Westbrook. Let’s hope this is limited to the ankle and not as severe as initial views looked.

As noted up top, the newest update from Royce Young is the best possible news so far, the x-rays on Westbrook’s ankle are negative.

Sending positive and healing vibes directly toward Russell Westbrook from the Thunderous Intentions Team!