Russell Westbrook prefers to Heat things up – 3 trade options that work for both sides

Jimmy Butler, Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Jimmy Butler, Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /
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Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Dissecting the options:

In truth, I could have added several more trade options including Heat players not listed such as Derrick Jones Jr., Dion Waiters or a combination of featured players in the above three scenarios.

The most realistic package would include Goran Dragic for the Heat as it gets a big contract off their books. I’m sure Presti will make the same promise as Miami to move Dragic to another team, especially since it equally behooves the OKC Thunder to get that contract off the books.

If the trade package with Bam Adebayo is your favorite than note it makes no sense to keep Steven Adams as both would fulfill the same roles and the current Heat center is locked in for two more years earning $3.4M this season with a team option in 2020-21 on his $5.1M year.

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As per above, for as much as Adebayo is an attractive young asset the Thunder may want to retain at least one player who typifies the culture of the club and Adams is clearly that player.

Without an available draft pick until 2025 Sam Presti would want to ensure the addition of a rising talent(s) which means adding Tyler Herro at a minimum with one of Justise Winslow or Bam Adebayo.

Ultimately, the Heat may not offer the best trade package for the OKC Thunder, but at the same time if this destination tops Westbrook’s short list it’s likely Presti will move heaven and earth to get the deal done. He deserves that much especially when it wasn’t him but George who set the rebuild wheels in motion. Therefore Presti needs to go with the package which brings back the best value with youthful assets and contracts which can be easily moved to pad his growing stack of draft picks

As for Westbrook’s fit in Miami without perimeter shooting I’m not sure this is his best fit, but to re-iterate I’d love to see what Spoelstra could do to help him take another step.

Russell Westbrook is the OKC Thunder player most will cite as their favorite of all time. He’s demonstrated loyalty, provided countless highlights, accomplished historic records and given 100 percent on every single play but will be wearing another jersey next season.

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That fact alone makes writing these trade articles difficult, especially when I envisioned Russ being a career Thunder player. The sad reality is that won’t happen, so for as much as I want to see the Thunder make the best of these terrible circumstances, I also want Russ to go somewhere he feels he can contend. If the Heat is his top choice, then I hope that’s where he lands.