Thank you, Russell Westbrook; a trip down memory lane

Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
Russell Westbrook of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Turn out the lights, the parties over. They say that all good things must end.

I said at the beginning, this article would not be enough to show how much gratitude that Russell Westbrook deserves.

From his amazing dunks, his funny press conferences, amazing fashion sense that he has used as a tool to stoke beef with other NBA players namely Kevin Durant, all wrapped into why he is so great.

Russell Westbrook stayed. The kid from California decided to make his home in Oklahoma. Westbrook grew up in Oklahoma City, professionally.

His iconic dance moves sparked joy into his teammates and fans.

Westbrook played with a dent in his face because the entire Thunder roster crumbled around him with injuries.

Russell Westbrook gave his all for Oklahoma City each and every night. He defended the city, the state, and the organization. He showed we weren’t a second rate state and we were on the map thanks to him.

Not to mention all the things Westbrook has done throughout the community.

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The number zero will be retired one day in Oklahoma City, and years from now when you take your children, and grandchildren to games you can explain to them just what Russell Westbrook means to the city, state, fanbase, and organization.

The only regret in Westbrook’s entire tenure is the fact that we did not appreciate it enough. Now, it’s gone and he will take his fiery play to a new team, a new city, and a new fanbase.

Westbrook though will always be a member of the Thunder, a member of the community, and the face of the franchise. His legacy will go down here the same way you associate MJ with the Bulls, DWade with the Heat, and Dirk with the Mavs.

It’s a shame he could not play his entire career in Oklahoma City, but there’s always a chance for a reunion down the road before Russ hangs it up. DWade played for the Bulls and Cavs before returning to Miami, MJ was a Wizard, this is just the end for now.

It’s hard to even put into words what Russ has meant to me, the Thunder, Oklahoma City, and the entire state of Oklahoma. The best way to sum it up is: Thank you.

When he returns to Oklahoma City this year to take on the Thunder, I hope the Thunder break their silly rule of no tribute videos. I hope they do not sleepily introduce him as Russell Westbrook. I hope that one last time we hear “Starting at guard, 6’3 from U-C-L-A, RUUUUUSSSELL WESTBROOK!”

He deserves that and more.

He is an Oklahoma Sports Hall of Famer already, he will have his number retired, he will enter the basketball Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done.

Thanks for the memories, Russell Westbrook.

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