Participate in Russell Westbrook Madness: 64 of the Brodie’s top moments for OKC Thunder

Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)
Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The seeds for the Why Not region?

  1. 20-20-20 For Nipsey: When Russell Westbrook posted a 20-20-20 accomplishment on national television after his close friend passed was one of the most emotional moments in his OKC tenure.
  2. Averaging a triple-double three straight years: I mean, this has been history, we have witnessed in real time. History, we can see in the moment. I know they said this before Russell Westbrook broke, or shattered, the records, but we will never see another player do what Russ did the last three seasons.
  3. Game 4 vs Miami: Russ matched Miami bucket for bucket, and gave the Heat all they could handle in one of the most jaw-dropping performances of his career.
  4. “I’m Coming!”: After KD left, Russ stayed and gave Oklahoma City all he had. When he yelled “I’m coming!” it gave OKC Thunder fans hope. The organization and Russell Westbrook was not going to take this new Warriors superteam laying down.
  5. Game Winner vs Kings: The game-winner against the Kings was a classic Russell Westbrook play because as the shot goes up you have no idea how he can pull it off…then he does.
  6. Playing with a Dent in his face: With the rest of the team crumbling around him with injuries, Russ suffered a facial fracture that should’ve held him out indefinitely. Instead, he threw on a mask and played through it.
  7. Playing Playoff Basketball with a Torn Meniscus: After Patrick Beverly performed one of the dirtiest plays in NBA history, Russell Westbrook played an entire half of playoff basketball on a torn meniscus.
  8. All-Star Game MVP part one:
  9. All-Star Game MVP part two:
  10. Introduced by MJ at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame: MJ flew to Oklahoma to take time out of his life, to induct Russ into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The Jordan Brand athlete earned a high honor and MJ
  11. Mean Mugs, all of them: Russ’ mean mugs will down in history, as will he. Pick your favorite mean mug for this seed.
  12. Self-made Eurostep Instant replays: After Westbrook pulls off a dazzling euro step he often recreates it on his way down the floor.
  13. Helping Clean floor vs Knicks: This moment is one of the most fun moments in Russ’ career, after a stellar game on Christmas Day, Westbrook helped clean off the floor.
  14. MVP Speach: After winning the MVP, Russ’ acceptance speech was another moment that earned fans emotion.
  15. White men can’t jump: Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison pull off fantastic Halloween costumes recreating an iconic part of White Men Can’t Jump.
  16. Nick Collison retirement speech: Before Nick Collison’s final home game as a member of the OKC Thunder, Russell Westbrook took the mic and acknowledge the underappreciated veteran who has earned the nickname “Mr. Thunder.”

The Matchups:

1)20-20-20 vs 16) Nick Collison retirement speech

2) Averaging a triple-double three straight years vs 15) White Men Can’t Jump

3) Game 4 vs Miami vs 14) MVP Speach

4) “I’m coming!” vs 13) Helping clean floor

5) Game Winner vs Kings vs 12) Self-made Eurostep replays

6) Playing with a dent in his face vs 11) Mean Mugs

7) Playing Playoff Basketball hurt vs 10) Introduce by MJ at HOF

8) All-Star MVP  game one vs 9) All-Star MVP Game two