OKC Thunder ticket holders respond to loss of superstars and revamped roster

OKC Thunder, (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder, (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder ticket holders responded to Erik Horne’s question on the effects of the reformulated team. Some envision difficulty re-selling tickets for games they can’t attend, but the opportunity for avid fans to get in at the ground level of the rebuild should be seized.

Erik Horne reached out to the OKC Thunder fanbase to gauge how season ticket holders felt given the trades of the two superstars and Jerami Grant. The specific question Horne asked was:

"Has your view about having season tickets changed since the team traded Paul George, Jerami Grant and Russell Westbrook?"

The responses almost unilaterally remained supportive. Hey, this fanbase is one of the best in the NBA – that won’t change. Of the 22 responses, the majority were optimistic about the rebuild and echoed sentiments of disappointment over the loss of Russell Westbrook specifically.

Some ticket holders spoke of how difficult it is to re-sell tickets and expect it to be even more challenging this season. In this circumstance, it’s a bit of a catch 22 for small markets.

Living in Toronto I can’t compare apples to apples as Raptors ticket prices surged in recent years and playoff tickets became cost-prohibitive. For example, the average cost to buy tickets from the secondary market for Game 5 of the Finals, was $6,000 U.S or $8,000.00 Canadian. The queue to get into Jurassic Park required standing on the street for 19 hours or more and even then it didn’t guarantee entry.

Ah, the price of success.

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In recent weeks the BBoyz and I fondly remembered Toronto’s less successful seasons and the slow rise they took into their current era. During this period it was much easier to get quality seats (which for me included most yearly visits by the Thunder).

Granted, Raptors fans were long suffering but this is new territory for OKC who’ve only missed the playoffs twice in 11 years and aside from the inaugural season have won 45 games or more in each of the other ten campaigns. Conversely, the Raptors hit the 45 win mark just nine times in 24 seasons and that includes six consecutive times in the current successful era of the team.

I would never take away the winning seasons or playoff berths, but some of the most entertaining games for my family, friends and I came in those losing seasons as the team formed and created their new era which culminated in the title this season.

On the positive side of the equation for the OKC Thunder, holding 15 draft picks, four draft swaps, and a few cornerstone assets makes it far more likely the team will return to the upper echelon sooner than later.

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To wit, it’s a great time to purchase the full season or gather a group to split a share of season tickets. The OKC Thunder has always actively supported the team and for the generation of fans who weren’t able to become season ticket holders when the team first came to OKC, this is your opportunity to get in on the action.