Throw back day: Chris Paul’s 61 point tribute, where OKC Thunder draftees are now

Chris Paul of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)
Chris Paul of the OKC Thunder (Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images) /

In the news serves up a touching story on Chris Paul, how the Paul George trade ignites a non-reactionary era and examining where OKC Thunder draftees are now.

As the OKC Thunder continue to navigate the offseason we dive into some of the best articles in the news. The article on Chris Paul and his relationship with his grandfather will pull at your heartstrings. The Ringer offers up a solid argument for why the Thunder won the Paul George trade and the freedom it offers Sam Presti. While Thunderous Intentions scribe Aidan serves up a post tracking down where all previous OKC draft picks are playing currently.

Chris Pauls’s 61 point tearjerker:

One of the more touching articles I’ve read in some time originally ran in 2006 when Chris Paul was in OKC with the Hornets. The Oklahoman updated the piece by Jenni Carlson and re-published it and it’s no less touching the second time around.

The article focuses on the close-knit relationship Chris Paul had with his Grandfather Chilly who was murdered in his 61st year by a group of young boys. Carlson writes about the tragedy and how Paul, then a high schooler honored his Grandfather in a fitting tribute on the hardwood.

"In less than a week, Paul realized a dream and lived a nightmare. Then he played the game that anyone who saw it then or on film since says they will never forget.You think you love Chris Paul now, Oklahoma City. Wait until you hear the story of 61."

The Ringer argues OKC Thunder won Paul George trade:

Thunderous Intentions has touched on this very subject numerous times. The main point here is Sam Presti had few choices when Paul George’s trade demand was made. Sure, he could’ve said no, but in doing so all the leverage he had by reacting quickly would most likely have been lost.  And, an outright refusal would’ve meant keeping a disenchanted star on the team who wouldn’t be invested this season – at least not fully.

While many have stated the Clippers have the best shot of winning the title in 2020 Writer Haley O’Shaughnessy of The Ringer offers an argument for why the OKC Thunder might not only be the winners but for the first time in years can create a team based on choices instead of reactions.

"George’s trade request in July was sudden and shocking and quite Thunderesque. No one suspected that OKC would win the original PG-13 sweepstakes back in 2017, and few thought he’d re-sign the following year. So his asking to leave is hardly the most surprising moment of George’s tenure in blue and orange. But to change course one year into a contract renewal is, well, highly reactive. OKC reacted in turn and, within a week, dealt both George and Russell Westbrook to contenders. For the first time in almost a decade, the Thunder are no longer on the path to contention. Maybe, if we’re being brutally honest, they haven’t been since Durant left. Now there is no doubt.On the surface, this looks like a major step back—a huge dent for the franchise. But are we sure it’s a bad thing for the Thunder to take a step back now if it means taking two—or three or four or five—steps forward in the future?"

OKC Thunder draft picks – where are they now?

Finally, with so much focus on the numerous draft picks Sam Presti has acquired in this past month Thunderous Intentions scribe Aidan looks back through franchise history with a view to all the GM’s selections. He reflects on the selections and notes where each of these players are currently playing.

"Given the constant success of the franchise, the fanbase has seldom witnessed a selection based on requirement. Likewise, how would Presti measure two equally touted prospects? That is something we should see moving forward with this glut of picks.But, for now, let’s take a deep dive into Thunder history and see which players (excluding draft night trades) that Presti has selected and where they are at now."

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