Art of booing, Chris Paul areas to improve and OKC Thunder easiest and toughest portions of schedule

OKC Thunder, Chris Paul (Photo by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder, Chris Paul (Photo by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder in the news focus today is on when booing is acceptable, ways CP3 can up his trade value and the two spectrums of the OKC schedule.

In the news likes to pull out some of the topical gems and today those include an item on booing and when it’s appropriate, a look at how Chris Paul and three things he can do to increase his trade value and finally a look at the hardest and easiest months of the OKC Thunder schedule.

Booing – when fans can boo:

First up SB Nation provides a definitive guide for fans on shall we say the art of booing or perhaps the better positioning is when it’s most appropriate (or inappropriate) to boo.

Writer Mike Prada offers up this delightful article. From this side of the border, my personal belief is fans pay money for their tickets and as such should be afforded the right to express themselves. Now just for the record — sometimes booing is almost a compliment meaning that player mattered enough to the fans to elicit the booing in the first place. If we think back to Kevin Durant leaving it wasn’t so much that he left, rather it was why and how he left the OKC Thunder.

It should be noted this article offers advice for this coming season and uses Tom Ziller’s original article “The Definitive Guide to Booing” as it’s precedent. Furthermore, Prada makes it clear booing is simply that — booing. It doesn’t mean verbally attacking or being abusive to any player, coach or member of the opposing squad. After the abuse Russell Westbrook took last season in Utah, that point bears repeating.

"The Thunder get special notice by Prada in a few key situations, the first being Paul George:Dec. 22: LA Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder: These are the first return games for three marquee stars who forced their way out of teams in the last calendar year. Two of the three left via trade demands — Anthony Davis rather publicly, and Paul George quietly."

He suggests fans boo to their heart’s content since George’s departure was forced and affected directly affected the team this year (and into the future. The other two players who fall in this category are Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving.

Prada also points to Thunder Nation when the Blazers come to town citing Dame Lillard’s wave goodbye and suggests the fan base don’t fall into the booing trap.

"Jan. 18: Portland Trail Blazers at Oklahoma City Thunder: We’re fine if Thunder fans want to boo Damian Lillard after the dagger he hit to knock them out of last year’s playoffs, but we’re also not saying it’s a good idea."

If we ask ourselves how Thunder fans would’ve reacted had that been Westbrook doing the same thing I think truthfully we’d be embracing it. For that reason, I doubt Thunder Nation will boo Dame. It might also be awkward given PG was the guy defending him and neither he or Russ is still on the team.

Upping Chris Paul trade value:

More from Thunderous Intentions

Nick Friar of Thunder Wire offers up his thoughts on the three things Chris Paul can do to increase his trade value. Although CP3 has his own motivation to play well in order to land on a contending title team it also stands to reason he’ll want to give those clubs reason to believe in his ability even at the ripe old age of 34!

"Paul shot 35.8 percent from three last year. It was his lowest percentage since 2012-13 when he shot 32.8 percent from deep for the Los Angeles Clippers. He’s only shot 40 percent or better twice in his career, so expecting that rate of success seems a lot to ask. Getting back around the 37 percent range may feel like a small increase, but he’d be taking a step up from 2018-19’s league average (35.5) and put himself around the top-30 guards in the league, in terms of three-point percentage — he was No. 46 last year."

OKC Thunder easiest and hardest month on 2019-20 schedule:

Finally, Thunderous Intentions own Adian E. provides a breakdown of the OKC Thunder easiest and hardest stretch on the schedule this season.

"Even though there is a strong possibility the Thunder will be a good team this year, the NBA knows that fans aren’t staying up to watch a team led by Chris Paul and Danilo Gallinari, because they simply aren’t as marketable as previous Thunder stars."

Find out which two months are at the opposite ends of the spectrum for OKC by clicking the above link.

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That wraps up in the news for Thursday, August 15. Enjoy your day and make sure to bookmark Thunderous Intentions so you stay abreast of all things OKC Thunder.