OKC Thunder community kindness: Adams greets Private, Ferguson and Patton repair homes

Terrance Ferguson, OKC Thunder (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images)
Terrance Ferguson, OKC Thunder (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder players Steven Adams, Terrance Ferguson and Justin Patton were out in the community greeting a Private upon her return and repairing homes.

Although it’s not uncommon for NBA players to be involved in philanthropic efforts the OKC Thunder players are among the very best at being involved in the community and via their copious philanthropic efforts.

Two specific instances of this occurred recently with Steven Adams thoughtful and touching gesture. The second involved a more strenuous endeavor as Terrance Ferguson and Justin Patton helped repair the home of Mrs. Peggy as part of the ‘She Builds’ initiative which is in its third season.

Adams greets Private at the airport:

As Hurricane Dorian ravaged the East causing destruction in its path it also meant scheduled events were canceled or required rescheduling. One such event was the graduation from basic training for Private Estoria Christopher Prasuhn and the associated celebratory Family Day in South Carolina.

This unfortunate turn of events was followed by a huge surprise which awaited her upon her return to Oklahoma City. That’s because OKC Thunder big man Steven Adams decided to welcome her at Will Rogers World Airport with her family.

Much like you see in the movies, Adams stood with a big placard bearing Private Christopher’s name.  The social media post below offered a picture of Christopher and Adams while still in the airport.

Ferguson and Patton pitch in with ‘She Builds’ Initiative:

Elsewhere third-year, wingman Terrance Ferguson and newly acquired center Justin Patton joined in the Thunder Cares and Love’s Corporation ‘She Builds’ initiative. This is the third year of the initiative that earmarked repairs to Mrs. Peggy’s home in Oklahoma City.

Writer Paris  Lawson covers the full story on the OKC Thunder corporate site which can be viewed here.


Peggy is known for her own contributions to the community as her house once was a daycare, but the 63-year-old recently dealt with health issues (she suffered a stroke and a couple of cancer scares).

"The Thunder organization partnered with the Love’s organization as part of third annual She Builds initiative – a female-lead campaign adopted by Rebuilding Together OKC that provides critical home repairs to women in need."

Ferguson and Patton were on hand with an entire crew of volunteers but their advanced height offered solutions for hard to reach areas. The Thunder duo offered their assistance installing lightbulbs, windows and helping to paint the roof.

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A video of TFerg, Patton and Mrs. Peggy captures her arrival home and illustrates how touched she was by the group’s efforts.