Mr. Thunder – Nick Collison and long time girlfriend Jessica Wilson get engaged

OKC Thunder: Nick Collison (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKC Thunder: Nick Collison (Photo by Zach Beeker/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Former OKC Thunder big man Nick Collison served up some big news this weekend as he and his girlfriend Jessica Wilson got engaged.

With all the recent changes to the OKC Thunder and the current NBA decade coming to end we’ve been reminiscing about the golden era of the franchise. And, while Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and James Harden have occupied many of those thoughts another former player comes to mind. Mr. Thunder himself – Nick Collison.

As it turns out Collison had some pretty big news to share this weekend as his three-picture Instagram post illustrated.

Collison shared pictures which revealed he proposed to his long-time girlfriend Jessica Wilson. Click the arrows on the above Instagram photo to see the beautiful ring and another picture of the happy couple. And, if you scroll through the comments you’ll note former OKC Thunder teammate Nazr Mohammed was one of the people offering congratulations to Nick and Jessica.

Mohammed and Collison were teammates on the Thunder in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons. Nazr returned in 2015-16 to finish his career in OKC although he made just five appearances.

The Iowa native played his college ball with Kansas prior to being drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics, 12th overall in 2003. An injury resulted in a red-shirted rookie year but Collison returned to play the next four seasons with Seattle.

In 2008 when the club moved to OKC he moved with them playing the remainder of his career (10 seasons) for the Thunder.

Collison was the first player who truly embodied what it meant to be a Thunder player. Although he never was an All-Star or a superstar Collison was the hardest worker, the best support system on the team and the type of on and off court leader every team covets.

This past March, Collison’s jersey became the first to be retired by the Thunder organization as the franchise raised his number four to the rafters of Chesapeake Energy Arena.

It’s been a year of celebration for Collison. To wit, nine weeks ago Nick was celebrating a different event with Jessica as she was admitted into the New York Bar in Albany.  Wilson graduated from Vanderbilt Law School in May 2018.

As is typical of Collison he served up his humorous side in the comments in the accompanying Instagram post.

"“I’m very proud of the lovely Jessica Wilson Esquire as she was admitted to the New York Bar today in Albany. Congratulations @jesssicafaith on another accomplishment. She’s already back to work on her laptop on the train ride back to the city. I’m probably going to just color in my coloring book or something.”"

Other than his work ethic Collison was probably best known for his sense of humor and love of Halloween.

Scan through Collison’s Instagram page and you’ll be reminded of his love for Halloween. Like Mr. Thunder, Russell Westbrook embraces Halloween and the pair have often provided the best costumes at their parties each October.

Nick’s 2013 Walter White of Breaking Bad was superb as was Westbrook’s 2015 costume when he came dressed as Steven Adams complete with the Kiwi’s mustache.

But in this scribe’s opinion, their best costumes ever was 2017 when the guys and their ladies dressed up as the characters from the movie White Men Can’t Jump.

Nina Westbrook came as Tyra Ferrell (Rhonda Deane). Russ was Wesley Snipe (Sidney Deane). Nick dressed as Woody Harrelson (Billy Hoyle) and Jessica channeled Rosie Perez (the Jeopardy obsessed Gloria Clemente). The quartet posed in identical shots to the movie as did Russ and Nick (see above Instagram photos).

Since we’re taking this trip down memory lane, my suggestion is you visit Collison’s Instagram page as it’s sure to bring back fond memories of Mr. Thunder.

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Finally, Thunderous Intentions sends out our congratulations and very best wishes to Nick and Jessica on their engagement.