Who should the OKC Thunder target in the Southeast Division?

Aaron Gordon #00 of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images)
Aaron Gordon #00 of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /
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Bradley Beal #3 of the Washington Wizards (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

What could’ve been?

The Washington Wizards are the worst defensive team in basketball, one of the worst overall teams in the sport, and Bradley Beal signed a contract at the exact wrong time. This what could have been is like an onion. It has a ton of layers.

The first what could’ve been, is what if John Wall was fully healthy? I think this team would be better than the Magic with a fully ready to go Wall. So that is already a bummer for D.C. fans. Hey, at least the Nats won a World Series. Let’s just sweep the Washington football team under the rug and move on.

Next is Bradley Beal’s extension. What? How is it a bad thing that Beal elected to sign a deal to stay in Washington D.C.? Well, because it actually did not extend his shelf life with the Wizards, it just blocked the team from trading him this season. Normally, you get better deals in the offseason anyway, but 2020’s NBA Trade Deadline would’ve served as a special case.

With more teams going all-in and trying to win-now than ever, an in-season trade this week could’ve brought back a haul of epic proportions.

So now the Wiz kids sit at 17-32 and just await the final buzzer to sound on the 2020 season. The only moves on the table for them is what? Maybe trading Davis Bertans? The sharpshooter that has produced 15 points per game this season while shooting 42 percent beyond the arc this season, but the Wizards do not seem to be willing to move him.

The Washington Post is one of many outlets reporting that the Wiz plans to keep Bertans this deadline and re-sign him in the summer. He has been on fire and would be a great addition to a playoff team, but the Wizards do not want to budge.

So alas, no deal will get done in Washington.