OKC Thunder: Presti mic drop trade deadline deal for a Southwest player 

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OKC Thunder trade deadline

OKC Thunder trade deadline: Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans and Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies hug after a NBA game. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

In a review of Southwest teams at the trade deadline and who the OKC Thunder should target T.I. lands on a blockbuster deal offering immediate and longlasting impact.

With 51 games completed the OKC Thunder, 31-20 record moved them into sixth place in the Western Conference. This transpired with the most recent (Wednesday) games as the Dallas Mavericks lost and the Thunder won. They trail the Rockets by 1.5 games to move into fifth.

Luka Doncic will miss six games (at a minimum) and the Rockets aren’t performing to expectations as they try to figure out how to capitalize on the revamped backcourt of Russell Westbrook and up until recently reeling James Harden.

That the Thunder is even in this position is a minor miracle in itself. Then again, what might be the greatest lesson learned this season is how important chemistry is. Simply adding talent or superstars never guarantees success.

It’s also a testament to Chris Paul‘s leadership and undervalued skillset. The veteran point guard arrived in Oklahoma City with the narrative being his contract was an albatross which would require Sam Presti attaching multiple first-round picks to move him.

Flash forward to the present day and his resurgence is a reminder to young clubs on the value of veterans when they are put in the right situation. More importantly not only accept their role but dive into it with a wide-open mind and commitment to excelling (looking at you Iggy).

As such the OKC Thunder has reached trade deadline day where minor to middling moves could be made to bolster the club’s current depth and position them for further steps up the ladder.

With that let’s dive into the clubs residing in the Southwest Division with a view to their strategies entering the deadline. And more importantly, an examination of the rosters for the best player for Sam Presti to target with a view to the OKC Thunder future.

Be prepared — T.I. has a blockbuster deal awaiting that isn’t inconceivable!

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