OKC Thunder: Chris Paul proving actions speak louder than words

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander #2 of the Oklahoma City Thunder is congratulated by Chris Paul #3 following an NBA game . (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander #2 of the Oklahoma City Thunder is congratulated by Chris Paul #3 following an NBA game . (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

OKC Thunder leader Chris Paul sat down with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report serving up insights but it’s what the Point God didn’t say that registered.

When you consider the career of Chris Paul there is only one thing missing — the Larry O’B. His passion and desire to obtain that prized trophy has driven his efforts. Twice prior to coming to the OKC Thunder he requested a trade to land with a contender.

Recalling the first trade it brought him (initially to the Lakers before that trade got wiped out by the then Commissioner David Stern). Instead, he landed with the Clippers and the creation of Lob City was born.

After years of trying to reach the promised land, he requested a trade to the Rockets under the urging of James Harden (sound familiar?). He came within one hamstring pull of what many think would’ve been a trip to the NBA Finals and fell short again last season versus those same Warriors. That latter failure many cite as the crux of what happened this offseason.

In an interview with Bleacher Report – ‘Take It There’ host Taylor Rooks hits Paul with some burning questions on fans’ minds.

Paul touches on items like whether the banana boat crew ever seriously considered playing together on one team. He discusses this past offseason in terms of how things went down and his unfair reputation for being a difficult teammate.

As for the latter part of the equation, it’s worth noting Shai Gilgeous-Alexander attended the interview with Paul. Rooks, Paul, and SGA met at a bowling alley and let’s just say CP3 is teaching his young protege off the court too!

Not wanting to ruin your viewing experience I’ll leave the majority of the interview for each of you to view first hand.

The one notable however was what CP3 didn’t say in one of his responses. Touching on his reputation of being difficult the veteran cited several players he is still frequently in touch with. Paul mentions DJ (DeAndre Jordan) and JJ Redick from the Clippers as well as Tuck (PJ Tucker) and Eric Gordon from the Rockets specifically.

Missing from the list of names are Blake Griffin and James Harden. After witnessing what an amazing leader he’s been for the OKC Thunder this season and how close the team is those omissions make you wonder if THEY were the real problem with their individual teams.

CP3 is ALL about winning and driving to succeed – a quality that has factored largely in OKC particularly in clutch time situations.

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Over the years teams have made errors with letting certain superstars hold too much power on their organization. Ask any Raptors fan and they’ll speak to that being the issue with Vince Carter and why it took 20 years to forgive and forget.

Just last year the way Anthony Davis tried to force his narrative upon the Pelicans. It led to a GM firing and angst among the fanbase. Although David Griffin came in and between his arrival, savvy deals and the luck of landing Zion Williamson I think Pelicans fans won’t carry a grudge (at least not for 20 years).

As for Harden, he’s made it clear he drove the decision via his request to land Westbrook. He was also the driving force behind the oust of Dwight Howard. If the small ball system doesn’t work out — will he be the driving force behind moving Westbrook?

The point is, without full disclosure it’s hard to know who was really behind the demise in LA and Houston. What we do know, however, is Chris Paul has NO ISSUE conceding shots for others in fact he’s the one encouraging ball movement and balanced scoring.

He’s conducted himself in a highly professional manner and captained one of the most exciting brands of basketball in OKC rivaling perhaps only the original young Thunder crew.

While he’s had ample opportunity to burn prior teammates or management he’s taken the high road. His resurgence has witnessed a new generation of fans discovering he is the best leader in the NBA, an unrivaled mentor, an unselfish playmaker and the ultimate clutch time, performer.

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Ultimately, actions speak louder than words and apparently even in his interviews Chris Paul is demonstrating that fact!